Orion Emphasizes Bio-based Carbon Blacks for Coatings at 36th Western Coatings Symposium
Orion Emphasizes Bio-based Carbon Blacks for Coatings at 36th Western Coatings Symposium

Orion Emphasizes Bio-based Carbon Blacks for Coatings at 36th Western Coatings Symposium

  • 17-Oct-2023 4:56 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Orion, a prominent global specialty chemicals company, is taking the opportunity to shine a light on its latest sustainable carbon blacks tailored for coatings at the 36th Western Coatings Symposium and Show (WCS). Positioned at booth 115, Orion will be unveiling three innovative circular carbon black grades, with one emphasizing high jetness and two focused on tinting applications. Additionally, the presentation will feature PRINTEX kappa 50 conductive carbon black. This showcase is set to unfold during WCS on October 16-17, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carlos Hernandez, the Marketing Manager for Coatings & Printing Systems in the Americas at Orion, highlighted the company's commitment to sustainability and its dedication to helping coatings manufacturers in their pursuit of sustainable materials and involvement in the circular economy.

Among the new offerings, Orion's inaugural circular gas black designed for coatings systems is XPB 10045. Formulated from pyrolysis oil to support the transition towards a circular economy, XPB 10045 is specifically tailored for high-jetness applications and boasts compatibility with all suitable coatings systems.

Orion is further expanding its circular portfolio with the introduction of circular furnace blacks, represented by XPB 10042 powder and XPB 10049 powder. These innovative grades, such as XPB 10045, are based on pyrolysis oil and are tailored for tinting applications.

PRINTEX kappa 50, available in bead or powder form, not only meets but also exceeds the performance requirements for conductivity, dispersibility, and cleanliness. Notably, it achieves these requirements at lower concentrations than conventional conductive carbon blacks. PRINTEX kappa 50, previously designated as XPB 545 and introduced in 2013, attains the percolation threshold with minimal carbon black loading while maintaining good coloristic properties.

In addition to these innovative products, Orion is offering its invaluable resource, the "Carbon Black Guide." This comprehensive guide showcases 34 of Orion's most popular carbon blacks used globally for coatings. The guide provides paint formulators with a visual representation of the color shades achievable using different carbon black grades. Color chips in the guide illustrate the shades each grade imparts in three types of coatings: solid, white blend, and alkyd enamel. This comprehensive resource also includes pertinent information regarding coloristic properties.

Orion's presentation at the 36th Western Coatings Symposium and Show underscores the company's commitment to sustainability and its continuous efforts to advance the field of carbon blacks for coatings. By introducing innovative circular and bio-based carbon blacks, Orion is not only addressing the industry's demand for eco-friendly materials but also contributing to the circular economy and the broader goal of achieving sustainable and environmentally responsible coatings. The inclusion of PRINTEX kappa 50 and the "Carbon Black Guide" further demonstrate Orion's dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and valuable resources to the coatings industry.

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