Orion Establishes Battery Innovation Facility in Germany

Orion Establishes Battery Innovation Facility in Germany

Orion Establishes Battery Innovation Facility in Germany

  • 22-Sep-2023 10:10 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

Orion, a global specialty chemicals company, has announced the inauguration of its Battery Innovation Center in Germany, marking a significant expansion aimed at supporting the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery industry that plays a pivotal role in the global shift toward electrification. Situated within Orion's primary innovation hub in Cologne, this new facility boasts cutting-edge production, testing, and diagnostic equipment, positioning it at the forefront of advancements in battery technology. The center is poised to accelerate Orion's efforts in tailoring products and processes in collaboration with its customers.

Corning Painter, CEO of Orion, expressed the vast growth potential within the realm of conductive additives, highlighting the company's dedication to innovation and its extensive global production network. The establishment of the Battery Innovation Center represents a strategic move to solidify Orion's leadership position in the battery industry. Painter also emphasized that this battery laboratory will further enhance Orion's extensive network of collaborations with universities, customers, and industry partners, fostering a dynamic environment for innovation and research.

In conjunction with the Battery Innovation Center, Orion is set to create a dedicated entity for its battery-related business, spearheaded by Dr. Adrian Steinmetz. Dr. Steinmetz, who will assume his role on October 1, 2023, is joining Orion from BASF, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, he will serve as the Global Vice President for Conductive Additives. Dr. Steinmetz's background encompasses various areas, including business development, leadership roles within global and regional specialty chemical businesses, technological expertise, and asset management. He holds a doctoral degree in organic chemistry from the University of Göttingen, Germany.

Orion's strategic positioning extends beyond its innovative Battery Innovation Center. The company operates a production facility in France, where it stands as the sole producer of acetylene-based conductive additives in Europe. In the United States, Orion is in the process of constructing a similar plant, which will be the only facility of its kind within the country. Situated in La Porte, Texas, this facility is poised to quadruple Orion's manufacturing capacity for acetylene-based conductive additives. These additives are in high demand by lithium-ion battery manufacturers, reflecting Orion's commitment to supporting the burgeoning electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors.

Orion S.A.'s launch of the Battery Innovation Center in Germany signifies a significant milestone in the advancement of battery technology and the electrification of various industries. This state-of-the-art facility, equipped with cutting-edge equipment, demonstrates Orion's commitment to innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving field of energy storage. Additionally, the appointment of Dr. Adrian Steinmetz and Dr. Amaury Augeard underscores Orion's dedication to assembling a team of experts to drive advancements in battery-related technologies. Orion's expansion initiatives, including the construction of a new production plant in the United States, reflect the company's pivotal role in supporting the growing demand for advanced battery solutions in a rapidly changing energy landscape.



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