Pact Collective's Colored PET Meets Qualifications for Eastman Molecular Recycling
Pact Collective's Colored PET Meets Qualifications for Eastman Molecular Recycling

Pact Collective's Colored PET Meets Qualifications for Eastman Molecular Recycling

  • 06-May-2024 2:02 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Pact Collective and Eastman disclosed on May 2nd, 2024, that they have successfully qualified the utilization of clean, multicolor PET waste from Pact members and consumers as a feedstock for Eastman’s methanolysis technology. This innovative process addresses the challenge posed by multicolored PET received at material recovery facilities (MRF), which, in certain cases, cannot be mechanically recycled due to color discrepancies. Eastman’s methanolysis process facilitates the transformation of this material into Eastman Renew materials, including high-quality copolyesters and PET suitable for the beauty industry, offering a quality comparable to virgin materials.

Tara Cary, Eastman's cosmetics packaging segment manager, expressed, "The collaboration between Eastman and Pact Collective embodies a shared vision and steadfast commitment. Our collaborative endeavors are paving the way for a more sustainable future within the beauty industry. Through the utilization of our methanolysis technology, we are transforming obstacles into possibilities, spearheading the path toward a future where waste from beauty packaging is regarded as a valuable resource rather than a burden."

Pact Collective, a non-profit organization, spearheads the management of beauty packaging return programs at retail and consumer levels. These initiatives are instrumental in guaranteeing the environmentally responsible management of packaging waste.

" Pact is committed to identifying the most efficient and advantageous utilization of materials collected through our collection programs, giving priority to mechanical recycling whenever possible. Eastman's technology provides an alternative end-of-life solution for Pact's materials, which might otherwise be directed towards waste-to-energy processes. This collaboration with Eastman presents the opportunity to maintain the circulation of plastic materials, potentially increasing the availability of post-consumer recycled content for future beauty packaging," stated Carly Snider, Executive Director of Pact.

Eastman's molecular recycling technologies are well-matched for handling the intricate waste amassed from these take-back initiatives. Through methanolysis, Eastman efficiently disassembles challenging-to-recycle PET waste into its fundamental building blocks, or monomers, which are then utilized in the production of its high-performance materials.

Eastman and Pact are committed to assessing the appropriateness of more complex beauty packaging waste streams for Eastman's molecular recycling method. This continuous endeavor seeks to diminish reliance on less sustainable alternatives such as waste-to-energy or landfill disposal, thus laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future.

Established in 1920, Eastman is a multinational company specializing in advanced materials, manufacturing a diverse array of products integral to everyday life. With a mission to enrich the quality of life through material innovation, Eastman collaborates with customers to deliver pioneering solutions while upholding a steadfast commitment to safety and sustainability. Employing a growth strategy fueled by innovation, Eastman leverages cutting-edge technology platforms, robust customer engagement, and tailored application development to bolster its leading positions in key markets such as transportation, construction, and consumables. Embracing global diversity, Eastman boasts a workforce of approximately 14,000 individuals spanning over 100 countries. In 2023, the company recorded revenue of around $9.2 billion, with its headquarters situated in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA.

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