Global Para-Aminophenol Prices Witness Decline Amidst Unbalanced Supply-Demand Dynamics
Global Para-Aminophenol Prices Witness Decline Amidst Unbalanced Supply-Demand Dynamics

Global Para-Aminophenol Prices Witness Decline Amidst Unbalanced Supply-Demand Dynamics

  • 28-Dec-2023 5:36 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

In an unexpected development, the worldwide Para-Aminophenol (PAP) market has witnessed a significant drop in prices during the month of December. This decline is attributed to a combination of factors, primarily the reduced demand from downstream industries, particularly the pharmaceutical sector. The pharmaceutical sector, being a major producer of paracetamol and a key user of para-aminophenol in its production process, has experienced a decrease in demand, along with sluggish offtakes, serving as the main contributing factors to this downturn. Fluctuations in the prices of para-aminophenol in the exporting regions have a cascading effect on prices in importing countries, including the USA.

One significant contributor to the declining prices is the reduced cost of production for Para-Aminophenol. This can be directly linked to the falling prices of key raw materials, nitric acid, and phenol, during this month. Industry insiders note that the production landscape has witnessed a shift, with the cost of manufacturing PAP decreasing due to the softened prices of these essential inputs.

Another factor contributing to the weakened para-aminophenol market conditions is the destocking activities observed in various regions. The industry has been grappling with an overabundance of supplies of para-aminophenol, prompting market players to make strategic decisions to clear out existing stock. Simultaneously, this move serves as a preparatory measure, as companies aim to replenish their inventories with fresh supplies in the upcoming quarter.

Nitric acid, a crucial component in the production of Para-aminophenol, has also played a pivotal role in the market dynamics. The price of concentrated nitric acid experienced fluctuations, initially rising and then falling. The downstream market, however, exhibited slow purchasing behavior, maintaining pressure on the supply side of the nitric acid market. This weak demand scenario has influenced the para-aminophenol market, with the prices expected to remain under pressure.

The downward trend in para-aminophenol prices is further compounded by the overall decline in the prices of other raw material phenol. In China, the domestic market has witnessed a sharp decrease in phenol prices, primarily attributed to reduced inquiries from downstream Bisphenol A industries. The ongoing destocking activities toward the year-end have prompted manufacturers to keep prices at lower levels. Additionally, the falling prices of benzene have exerted negative cost pressure on phenol prices which also supplied the sluggish para-aminophenol Market in December.

The energy sector has also played a role in shaping the market conditions for para-aminophenol. The prices of thermal coal have dropped amid lower demand from downstream manufacturing firms. Despite stable coal production in most mines across Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi, some have temporarily halted operations for maintenance, affecting the supply chain for downstream industries. Furthermore, China's first yearly drop in crude oil imports in November, coupled with reduced manufacturing activity, has added to the challenges faced by the PAP market. Despite policy support measures aimed at uplifting the construction sector, manufacturers express deep-rooted pessimism due to persistently low demand from both domestic and international markets.

In conclusion, the global para-aminophenol market is navigating a challenging landscape marked by reduced demand, fluctuating raw material prices, and destocking activities. Industry players are closely monitoring these developments as they strategically position themselves for a potentially volatile market in the coming quarters.

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