Paraffin Wax Prices Decline in the USA and Europe Amidst Lackluster Demand
Paraffin Wax Prices Decline in the USA and Europe Amidst Lackluster Demand

Paraffin Wax Prices Decline in the USA and Europe Amidst Lackluster Demand

  • 01-Sep-2023 2:51 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Throughout August 2023, Paraffin Wax prices notably declined in the North American and European markets. This price downturn can be ascribed to multifaceted factors, including an oversupply of Paraffin Wax in the market and diminished demand stemming from various downstream industries. Additionally, the global trend of falling prices for this product significantly perpetuated this decline.

Within the United States, Paraffin Wax prices experienced a notable drop due to an excessive supply of the material in the domestic market alongside a sluggish demand from end-user industries. This confluence of factors resulted in the narrowing of the gap between supply and demand. Furthermore, the escalating inflationary pressures and heightened interest rates negatively influenced consumers' willingness to purchase. The influx of cost-effective imports from China also contributed to the persisting trend of decreasing prices.

Exporting country China had abundant Paraffin Wax materials available at its ports. However, demand was shrinking primarily due to global inflation, compelling traders to offload their stocks at lower prices to align with the contracting demand.

On the other hand, the price of Paraffin Wax settled at USD 1462 per metric ton following a 1% decline from the preceding month in Germany. In the European region, demand for Paraffin Wax declined, marked by a decrease in new procurement orders from the end-user sector, which occurred for the third consecutive time. This particular decline can be directly linked to the global financial crisis. As inflationary pressures continued to mount and interest rates climbed, consumers increasingly hesitated to engage in bulk purchases.

Germany observed a moderation in inflation levels in August compared to July, though inflation remained above the minimum threshold. Consequently, the government decided to raise interest rates within the region to curb inflation. This further eroded consumer enthusiasm for purchases of Paraffin Wax, leaving consumers apprehensive about making bulk acquisitions.

According to ChemAnalyst, there is an anticipated shift towards an increase in Paraffin Wax prices in both the North American and European regions. This price uptick can be linked to several factors, including rising freight charges and a revival in demand from the downstream cosmetic and food adhesive industries. Additionally, the expected improvement in economic conditions in both regions is likely to boost demand further and subsequently drive up the price of Paraffin Wax.

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