Pearl Group Enhances Polyurethane Production Capacity in Saudi Arabia
Pearl Group Enhances Polyurethane Production Capacity in Saudi Arabia

Pearl Group Enhances Polyurethane Production Capacity in Saudi Arabia

  • 13-Mar-2024 4:22 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

Pearl Group, formerly recognized as Bayer Pearl and Pearl Covestro and headquartered in Dubai, has made substantial advancements in its operations within Saudi Arabia, effectively doubling its production capacity in the Kingdom. This expansion significantly bolsters its ability to meet the escalating local and regional demand for polyurethane (PU) products. Illustrating an unwavering dedication to the flourishing Saudi market, the polyurethane (PU) specialist has implemented a customized supply chain approach designed specifically for the Kingdom. This strategic move enables same-day deliveries in Riyadh and other key demand centers and includes the appointment of a specialized sales manager in Saudi Arabia to reinforce its local presence and responsiveness in the region.

Situated strategically in Jeddah, Pearl's cutting-edge production and storage facility, established in 2023, not only reaffirm Pearl's dedication to the Saudi market but also align closely with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 objective of enhancing localized production. The augmentation of production capacity in Saudi Arabia empowers Pearl to fulfill 100% of customer requirements in both Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. Leveraging the Jeddah plant as a regional hub, Pearl can streamline logistical operations and reduce associated costs, resulting in expedited delivery times and heightened customer satisfaction.

With over 35 years of experience in delivering innovative and sustainable PU solutions in the Middle East, Pearl Group has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving clients in the Kingdom for decades. The company has witnessed remarkable growth in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the importance of proximity to customers, possessing the requisite capabilities to address evolving demands, and ensuring a proficient workforce is in place to offer technical expertise. Continuous investments in team development and facilities have been instrumental in elevating Pearl's customer service standards, guaranteeing responsive and professional technical support throughout the sales cycle.

Pearl's Jeddah hub's capabilities have been further bolstered through the formulation and execution of a dedicated supply chain strategy tailored for Saudi Arabia. As part of this comprehensive strategy, Pearl is establishing local stocks in Riyadh, a move aimed at significantly reducing lead times and fostering proximity to Saudi-based customers. This strategic maneuver not only aids in minimizing customers' working capital but also amplifies Pearl's agility and responsiveness. As a customer-centric organization dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their objectives through end-to-end solutions, this initiative exemplifies Pearl's commitment to meeting customers' needs promptly and efficiently.

Amidst prevailing industry trends of consolidation and cost optimization, Pearl Group remains steadfast in its commitment to investing in its facilities and personnel. This strategic approach underscores the company's dedication to emerging markets and high-potential regions, reinforcing its capacity to collaborate closely with customers.

Since unveiling its PearlX2 growth strategy in 2021, aimed at doubling Pearl Group's business within five years, the PU solutions provider has focused on geographical expansion and product diversification. In subsequent years, Pearl Group has made substantial investments in its three production facilities based in the UAE and has established production and distribution hubs in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India. The inauguration of a production and warehouse facility in Jeddah has played a pivotal role in driving significant year-on-year growth for Pearl Group.

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