Phillips Carbon Black Reports Progress in Tamil Nadu Plant, Done with Land Possession and Lease Agreements
Phillips Carbon Black Reports Progress in Tamil Nadu Plant, Done with Land Possession and Lease Agreements

Phillips Carbon Black Reports Progress in Tamil Nadu Plant, Done with Land Possession and Lease Agreements

  • 03-Aug-2021 5:00 PM
  • Journalist: Kamna Kapoor

Started with a principal objective to substitute imports of Carbon Black in India, Phillips Carbon Black Limited (PCBL) is now on the cusp of history where it plans to expand its Carbon Black capacity to go beyond 750 KTPA.

As per the latest development, the greenfield facility which will be installed in Tamil Nadu has surpassed a major hurdle when the plant got the executive rights for the possession of land and signed lease agreements.

 The company plans to install a unit in Tamil Nadu with production capacity of 150 KTPA and will become operational by 2023. The plant will also produce 25 MW/h of green power. With the addition of this unit, the total capacity of Phillips Carbon Black Limited will increase to 753,000 metric tons per annum.

Phillips Carbon Black Limited is a prominent company in the global Carbon Black market, where the company not only meets the domestic demand in India but also avails exports to more than 40 countries, worldwide.

PCBL has its operations in different regions of India with the current operational capacity of 603 KTPA. PCBL has captured the key locations of strategic importance with plant capacity in Mundra and Palej in Gujarat, Durgapur in West Bengal, Kochi in Kerala, with latest announcement in Tamil Nadu. The company also contributes towards the environment where it produces 76 MW/h of green power. PCBL accomplishes the power generation through its conversion of waste gas into steam which in turn generates electricity. PCBL also plans to expand its power generation capacity to 134 MW/h.

As per ChemAnalyst, “Carbon Black measured a dip in demand in mid-Q1 FY22 when the regional consumption volumes decreased due to Covid lockdowns. Although, as the quarter moved towards the conclusion, the demand accelerated and reversal in market sentiments was observed where the prices measured an increment. Carbon Black was traded at USD 1409 per MT in mid-July, showcasing a consistent upward climb. However, PCBL was circumspect of the market developments and when the demand deteriorated, PCBL moved swiftly and increased availability of volumes in the international markets. “

Carbon Black is a rubber-reinforcing additive which have high versatility. Tire manufacturing is one of the major applications of Carbon Black in automobile sector. It is also used as color and pigmentation agent for plastics. With high conducting properties, it is also used in semiconductors and magnetic tapes.

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