Phosphorus Trichloride Prices Truce with Cascading Feedstock Market in India
Phosphorus Trichloride Prices Truce with Cascading Feedstock Market in India

Phosphorus Trichloride Prices Truce with Cascading Feedstock Market in India

  • 22-Jul-2022 6:12 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

This week, the feedstock yellow phosphorus market price decreased. The phosphorus Trichloride market price is now following the yellow phosphorus price trend. The Indian market quote is disorganized, and the shipment situation is less favourable than last week. Upstream traders tend to wait and observe more, take fewer items, use greater caution, and buy more at a lesser price. The supply and demand sides of the facility are now well supported, and the upstream demand for phosphate rock is stable. According to the business society's phosphorus ore statistics section, the domestic phosphorus ore market is mostly high-level and robust.

The downstream industries are waiting and seeing widespread demand and cautious procurement. Shortly, the phosphoric acid market is likely to be poor. While the price of phosphate rock in the upstream sector is primarily consistent, that of the Phosphorous Trichloride market in the downstream industry is falling, the phosphate market is weak, and stiff demand is under control. Prices for yellow phosphorus are likely to be modest and stable shortly.

The Phosphorus Trichloride Prices were hovering around INR 163300.00/ton Phosphorous Trichloride Ex- Mumbai with a weekly declination of 0.4% recorded by Chem Analyst pricing team data on July 22. Phosphorus trichloride stockpiles were reported to rise in the local market during the entire month with the dealers and suppliers, and more items were noticed stockpiling.

In terms of upstream yellow phosphorus, the yellow phosphorus market price decreased in July. There was a temporary fall in yellow phosphorus' reduced-price competitiveness in the second week of July. Given the pressure on costs, the manufacturer's quote increased once again. The downstream industries dealers were more excited regarding the supply of expensive items in July's second and third weeks. The cost of yellow phosphorus decreased once more due to their inaction and mostly low-priced purchases.

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