Polyvinyl Alcohol Prices Rise in the US And Germany, Similar Trend Expected in February 2024
Polyvinyl Alcohol Prices Rise in the US And Germany, Similar Trend Expected in February 2024

Polyvinyl Alcohol Prices Rise in the US And Germany, Similar Trend Expected in February 2024

  • 05-Feb-2024 2:44 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

Texas(USA): During the current week, Polyvinyl Alcohol prices in the US market have observed an uptick, primarily driven by a rise in cost support from the Vinyl Acetate Monomer feedstock. The momentum in the Polyvinyl Alcohol market has been bolstered by heightened market activity, with sustained demand from downstream sectors, notably the textile industry. Notably, the supply chain has remained stable, ensuring sufficient inventory levels without significant disruptions. Consequently, the sentiment for purchasing remained robust during the initial week of 2024, characterized by increased market transactions compared to the previous period.

Manufacturers experienced active shipments, resulting in a noticeable uptick in Vinyl Acetate Monomer prices compared to December 2023 levels. Looking forward to February 2024, there is an expectation of a further rise in Polyvinyl Alcohol prices. This is attributed to heightened market transactions, a rising trend in Acetic Acid feedstock prices, and anticipated increases in Natural Gas costs, contributing to escalated production expenses.

Moreover, restocking activities are likely to drive Polyvinyl Alcohol prices upwards, coupled with an anticipated surge in international demand, fostering positive market sentiments and overall expansion. Furthermore, March is projected to witness additional price increments for Polyvinyl Alcohol due to an upsurge in demand from downstream industries. Additionally, the persistently high prices of Natural Gas are anticipated to sustain elevated production costs, further amplifying the pricing of Polyvinyl Alcohol.

This week, Polyvinyl Alcohol prices in the German market have increased, owing to robust cost support from the Vinyl Acetate feedstock and low inventory levels. These factors have contributed to the increased expansion of the Polyvinyl Alcohol market. Additionally, the increase in import prices from the Chinese market has further led to the market's upward trajectory. Nevertheless, the acquisition of new orders has been dictated by consumer demand, impacted by a substantial interest rate of 4.5%. This has resulted in a diminished buying capacity for consumers downstream in the textile industry.

Moreover, the PMI value, which increased from 43.30 in December to 45.50 in January, indicates an expansion in the manufacturing sector. Looking forward, there is an expectation that Polyvinyl Alcohol prices in the German market will increase in February 2024 due to constant demand from downstream textile industries, as increased economic stability continues to impact the Polyvinyl Alcohol downstream textile sector. Additionally, potential increases in import prices, especially from the Chinese market, and the combination of firm downstream demand and low inventory levels are anticipated to suppress the overall growth of the Polyvinyl Alcohol market.

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