Post Festive Demand in China is Strengthening Oxo Alcohols Prices in the Country
Post Festive Demand in China is Strengthening Oxo Alcohols Prices in the Country

Post Festive Demand in China is Strengthening Oxo Alcohols Prices in the Country

  • 15-Feb-2022 2:20 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

Since several months, oxo alcohol prices have been tumbling consistently in Asian market due to demand dullness and ample availability. As per recent data, n-Butanol price showcased a significant rebound in China, which has induced optimism among domestic manufacturers and traders. However, as per the analysis, demand fundamentals for oxo alcohols in China has improved post spring festival, which has pushed up prices of several commodities including n-Butanol in the regional market.

Oxo Alcohols manufacturers of China have been battling with depressed demand from domestic as well as regional market since a long time, which has minimised their profitability. Recent pickup in price of oxo alcohols was also supported by soaring crude oil value, which has incited inflationary pressure and increased production cost in international market. There are some major international issues which are responsible to this steep rise in crude oil value, like geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine, significant pickup in consumption by China and Europe and lower inventories by USA. Moreover, recently, spring festival or lunar holidays has ended in China and as per the expectations demand fundamentals has risen in the domestic market, which has improved the overall consumption of the country.

As per ChemAnalyst analysis, prices are expected to remain buoyant for further period in the country, as the post festive demand may not decline anytime soon in the domestic market. In addition, it was observed that Chinese manufacturers usually practice restocking activities post festive holidays, which lifts up pricing dynamics in the regional market. Moreover, if international issues like Russia Ukraine faceoff escalate further, it may disturb the overall global trade activities in forthcoming months. Thus, prices are expected to remain firm for further period in China and no significant fall may likely to appear any time soon in the country.

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