Potato Starch Prices Show Oscillating Trend in September 2023 Amidst Global Market Fluctuations
Potato Starch Prices Show Oscillating Trend in September 2023 Amidst Global Market Fluctuations

Potato Starch Prices Show Oscillating Trend in September 2023 Amidst Global Market Fluctuations

  • 11-Oct-2023 3:22 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

Potato Starch prices displayed a mixed pattern in the global market throughout September 2023. Potato Starch is extracted from a tuber-producing plant, 'potatoes,' a crop grown on a huge scale worldwide. In recent times, potato prices, which serve as the raw material, experienced fluctuations in the third quarter, impacting the Potato Starch market.

In September, the Chinese manufacturing sector made a significant turnaround, entering an expansion phase. This noteworthy development reflects a flourishing factory activity and the beginning of a promising economic recovery in the country. On the demand side, new orders kept increasing, signaling an ongoing improvement in the manufacturing market's demand, which boosted businesses' confidence and their inclination to expand production. Market participants focused on replenishing their inventories with newly acquired stock, which, in turn, limited the overall market supply. Additionally, the cost of raw materials, specifically potatoes, has risen in China, contributing to an upward trend in market conditions.

In Europe, many countries are grappling with a potato shortage due to a cool spring and dry summer. This scarcity has driven up potato prices, causing an uptick in Potato Starch prices. In September, German inflation reached its most favorable point since the commencement of Russia's comprehensive incursion into Ukraine, marking a significant turning point in alleviating the burdensome inflationary pressures plaguing Europe's economic powerhouse. Considering the latest data provided by the Federal Statistics Office, Germany has recently observed a significant downturn in its inflation rate, gracefully stabilizing at a mere 4.5%. Consequently, this notable reduction has sparked an upsurge in market demand and subsequently led to an increase in the prices of Potato Starch.

The U.S. economy has been remarkably resilient in the face of significantly rising borrowing costs. Consumer confidence declined in September, primarily due to concerns about the outlook, with expectations of prolonged high-interest rates. The Federal Reserve decided to maintain its key interest rate within the range of 5.25% to 5.50%. In September, new orders experienced their sixth consecutive month of decline, albeit at a moderate rate, resulting in a drop in Potato Starch prices. Furthermore, the U.S. manufacturing sector made further strides toward recovery during September, with increased production leading to ample supplies of feedstock in the domestic market, subsequently causing a decrease in Potato Starch prices.

According to ChemAnalyst, Potato Starch prices are projected to fall progressively in the following months due to decreased demand from end-consumers and ample market supplies. Inflation is predicted to continue high due to considerable increases in crude oil costs due to the Israel-Hamas conflict. This would push central banks to maintain high-interest rates, resulting in a decline in the overall market demand and a subsequent reduction in the prices of Potato Starch.

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