Propylene Oxide Prices Continue to Rise in India Unabated
Propylene Oxide Prices Continue to Rise in India Unabated

Propylene Oxide Prices Continue to Rise in India Unabated

  • 24-Sep-2021 1:59 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Propylene Oxide prices have continued to rise in India since the past four months with mild fluctuations. The prices have been increasing since May when the price was $2179 per tonne rising to $2586 per tonne in June which further rose to $2967 per tonne in July. The prices were $3451 per tonne in August which have risen to $3530 per tonne in the last week of September. 

The major reasons for price rise include the tight supply and strong downstream demand backed by rising upstream Propylene prices. The supply has been tight due to rising prices of Propylene Oxide in China. The demand has been firm from the downstream Polyether sector in India. The demand from other downstream sectors including Propylene Glycol, Alcohol Ether, Isopropanolamine, Surfactants, and Flame Retardants has also been high. 

The upstream Propylene prices have also risen in India which is another major factor for the price rise in Propylene Oxide. The reason for rising feedstock Propylene prices is also tight supply side and rising prices for Propylene in China. 

Propylene Oxide is a volatile, colourless, flammable liquid having an ether like odour. Propylene Oxide reacts readily with chemicals like Chlorine, Ammonia, Strong Oxidants, and Acids which is why the chemical is subject to fire and explosion hazards. As Propylene Oxide is a highly reactive chemical, it is used as a chemical intermediate for the manufacture of several chemicals. 

The major derivative of Propylene Oxide is Polyether Polyols which is one of the major components having application in the manufacturing of Polyurethanes. Propylene Glycol is the second largest derivative of Propylene Oxide. Propylene Oxide is produced traditionally by Chlorohydrin or Epoxidation routes. The main application areas for Propylene Oxide include construction and automotive. 

As per ChemAnalyst, “the rise in the prices of Propylene Oxide being supported by the twin effects of tight supply and firm demand are expected to continue the upwards trend until the prices for feedstock Propylene come down. The upcoming month might also suffer price rise in India given that the demand is strong with the rising construction sector.”

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