Propylene Oxide Prices Increase in Europe Amid Rising Demand From Glycol Industries
Propylene Oxide Prices Increase in Europe Amid Rising Demand From Glycol Industries

Propylene Oxide Prices Increase in Europe Amid Rising Demand From Glycol Industries

  • 05-Jun-2023 2:16 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

As per the recent analysis, the Propylene Oxide market showcased positive sentiments during May 2023 after declining in the European region for the past couple of months. At the end of April 2023, the Propylene Oxide market shifted upward due to the increased inquiries and offtakes from downstream Propylene Glycol industries.

Meanwhile, Propylene Oxide's inquiries were stable to low from the Polyol manufacturers for the past few weeks amid low consumption and availability of previous stocks. The regional Polyol manufacturers started destocking their product inventories in the Asian market like India as the Asian key market of China was closed from 1st May to 3rd May 2023 due to the Labour Day holidays. The Polyol market continued to remain dull and weak till the end of the month, and prices were again negatively revised by suppliers.

The supplies were tightened by Glycol producers as the available stocks of downstream product Propylene Glycol were limited in the market due to declined production rates of Propylene Oxide. The reason is that around 60% of Propylene Oxide goes to the Polyol industries to make Polyurethane. For the past few months, the downstream orders were depressing from the Polyol industries. So Propylene Oxide producers cut down their production rates. It affected the feedstock availability to the Propylene Glycol industries. Consequently, the production rates of Propylene Glycol remained moderately low in the past few weeks, and the inventory levels remained below the demand from end-users.

According to the ChemAnalyst data sources, the Propylene Oxide prices increased by 1% in May 2023, and the Propylene Glycol prices rose by USD 20/MT.

On the contrary, the upstream cost pressure eased as the Propylene Oxide key feedstock Propylene's prices contracted by almost 12% during the month amid decreases in upstream Naphtha costs due to increased inventory levels.

Furthermore, Europe's manufacturing Purchaser's Manufacturing Index rose slightly during May 2023, indicating some improvement in manufacturing activities. However, it was below 50 points.

As per ChemAnalyst's estimation, "The Propylene oxide prices will increase in the upcoming weeks due to positive market sentiments. The increasing demand from downstream Propylene Glycol producers will further boost the manufacturing and trading activities of Propylene Oxide. Meanwhile, recent stabilizations in costs of the feedstock Propylene and improvement in upstream Crude Oil price will increase the upstream cost pressure and production costs of Propylene Oxide. Conversely, inquiries are likely to remain weak from the Polyol industries amid slow consumption from downstream Polyurethane industries."

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