PTMEG Prices In the Asian Market is Showing Mixed Sentiments

PTMEG Prices In the Asian Market is Showing Mixed Sentiments

PTMEG Prices In the Asian Market is Showing Mixed Sentiments

  • 29-Jun-2022 6:19 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

The price of PTMEG (Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol) rose and demonstrated gains in June. A USD 8260/MT price for mainstream resources was put forward, but discussions of imported commodities remained unchanged. Downstream spandex manufacturing facilities were running at total capacity, and many additional units are scheduled to start up in Q3. This predicts that PTMEG demand will be substantial, but downstream buyers have demonstrated a lack of interest in expensive PTMEG.

Domestic manufacturers were under pressure as the weight of their inadequate Polyester inventory grew because of the absence of PTMEG. The feedstock BDO market has shown strong pricing sentiments, which pressurized the PTMEG manufacturers

The average export price of PTMEG (Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol) has surpassed USD 6.2–6.6/kg since Q2 2022 due to a change in the export structure. PTMEG 1800 exports, as well as PTMEG 2000 and PTMEG 1000 exports with higher unit prices, have surged since Q4 2021.

Given that the commodity's price is anticipated to be high in the short term due to high costs, PTMEG prices are forecast to remain on the higher side in Q3 2022. Additionally, domestic PTMEG facilities will focus more on export after local capacity has expanded in China.

However, PTMEG prices are decreasing in China since the PTMEG market is still consolidating in the final week of June. As BDO feedstock prices keep declining, the market for PTMEG receives less support. Due to high inventory pressure brought on by low textile sector demand and obstructed transportation during COVID-19, spandex manufacturers have had to lower their prices to clear out their current stocks modestly. Because they maintain modest production loads, non-spandex goods makers also experience sluggish demand.

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