Lampung to Receive 47,250 Tonnes of Subsidised Fertiliser: Thanks to Pupuk Indonesia
Lampung to Receive 47,250 Tonnes of Subsidised Fertiliser: Thanks to Pupuk Indonesia

Lampung to Receive 47,250 Tonnes of Subsidised Fertiliser: Thanks to Pupuk Indonesia

  • 06-Feb-2023 6:03 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

For farmers in Lampung Province, PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) has organised a 47,250-ton stock of fertiliser that is subsidised. The stock as of 8 February 2023 is comparable to 167 percent of the Government's 28,211-ton minimum requirement. Stocks included urea fertiliser and NPK 15-10-12 (common formulation), the Sales Region in Southern Sumatra reported on Thursday, February 9, 2023. The specifics include 30,435 tonnes of NPK fertiliser and 16,814 tonnes of urea fertiliser.

At this time, the Urea stock position exceeds the government's minimum requirement by 108 percent. The supply is 242 percent or doubled for NPK. According to Taufiek from Pupuk Indonesia, this store is secure enough to satisfy the farmers in Lampung's fertiliser needs for the upcoming three weeks. 

These supplies, he said, are currently stored in either the Regency/City or Line III warehouses. Among other things, there were 1,015 tonnes of urea fertiliser in storage for the West Lampung Regency, 671 tonnes for South Lampung, and 2,762 tonnes for Central Lampung. In addition, there were stocks in East Lampung (1,823 tonnes), North Lampung (2,499 tonnes), Pesawaran and Pringsewu (2,346 tonnes), Tulang Bawang (1,144 tonnes), and Bandar Lampung City (4,555 tonnes). 

Additionally, three ships are now travelling to Lampung with 14,700 tonnes of subsidised urea fertiliser, consisting of 3,700 tonnes of subsidised inbag urea and 11,000 tonnes of subsidised bulk urea, in order to improve the supply of subsidised fertiliser stocks.

Taufiek also makes sure that all of the subsidised fertilisers given to farmers by Pupuk Indonesia are in compliance with Permentan Number 10 of 2022's standards. Farmers who qualify for free fertiliser must be members of farmer organisations, registered users of the Agricultural Extension Management Information System (SIMLUHTAN), and owners of no more than two hectares of land. 

The Minister of Agriculture 10/2022 also states that just nine commodities—rice, corn, soybeans, chilies, shallots, garlic, sugar cane, cocoa and coffee—will be eligible for fertiliser subsidies. These nine agricultural products are crucial commodities that affect inflation. Other goods, meanwhile, are no longer allocated. According to Taufiek, "official kiosks designated to serve regional farmer groups will allow farmers to redeem subsidised fertilisers."

Lastly, he disclosed that as of 8 February 2023, 65,987 tonnes of subsidised fertiliser had been distributed in Lampung Province, consisting of 24,204 tonnes of NPK and 41,782 tonnes of urea fertiliser. When compared to the 526,550 tonnes of subsidised fertiliser allotted for Lampung Province in 2023, this realisation was 13 percent higher.

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