QatarEnergy Unveils Plans for Cutting-Edge Salt Plant in Qatar
QatarEnergy Unveils Plans for Cutting-Edge Salt Plant in Qatar

QatarEnergy Unveils Plans for Cutting-Edge Salt Plant in Qatar

  • 11-Jun-2024 4:26 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

QatarEnergy has announced plans to construct a salt production plant in Qatar's Um Al Houl area through a joint venture involving Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company (MPHC), Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Co. (QIMC), and other strategic partners.

Supported by QatarEnergy's TAWTEEN localization program, the new plant will be constructed at an estimated cost of approximately one billion Qatari Riyals. The facility aims to achieve self-sufficiency for Qatar by producing both industrial and table salts to meet local demand, as well as for regional and international export. It will manufacture industrial salts essential for the petrochemical industry, along with Bromine, Potassium Chlorides, and demineralized water, enabling product diversification, fostering additional economic growth, and enhancing the circular economy.

Commenting on the announcement, His Excellency Mr. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs and President and CEO of QatarEnergy, stated, “This project marks a significant milestone in our continuous efforts to support industrial localization and promote sustainable practices within Qatar’s energy sector. It exemplifies our dedication to innovation and economic growth, which are fundamental principles of Qatar’s National Vision 2030.”

His Excellency Minister Al-Kaabi further remarked, “QatarEnergy is proud to support this initiative through our TAWTEEN program, boosting our local industrial capabilities and promoting environmental sustainability. By converting waste into a valuable resource, we are establishing new standards for industrial efficiency and economic resilience. This initiative is a significant part of QatarEnergy's broader strategy to enhance local supply chains and increase industrial self-sufficiency.”

This innovative project will leverage reject water recovery from reverse osmosis (RO) desalination units, effectively converting waste water from desalination processes into a valuable resource. With a production capacity of one million tons per annum, the project will significantly contribute to Qatar's economy and industrial development by decreasing the reliance on imported raw materials, as the country currently imports around 850,000 tons of table and industrial salts each year.

As part of the TAWTEEN program, the project benefits from initiatives designed to enhance local content and support the growth of local industries. This collaboration exemplifies a strong public-private partnership focused on achieving strategic national objectives.

TAWTEEN has already identified 78 investment opportunities towards its goal of 100, aimed at localizing services and industries within Qatar’s energy sector. Since its launch in 2019, TAWTEEN has also generated 7,000 white-collar jobs as part of this initiative.

QatarEnergy, formerly known as Qatar Petroleum (QP), is the state-owned entity responsible for overseeing all aspects of Qatar's oil and gas operations. Its scope of work includes exploration, production, refining, transportation, and storage. The company manages the nation's oil pipeline network, transporting crude from various fields to the main refinery and export hubs. Moreover, QatarEnergy manages a comprehensive offshore pipeline network, transporting crude oil from offshore fields to Halul Island for processing and export. The majority of onshore oil is routed to Umm Said for refining or exportation. Qatar's key export terminals are situated at Umm Said, Halul Island, and Ras Laffan. Refining activities are conducted at two major facilities: the QatarEnergy Refinery in Umm Said and the Laffan Refinery in Ras Laffan.

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