Ravago and Repsol Unveil Polypropylene Compounds Factory in Tangier
Ravago and Repsol Unveil Polypropylene Compounds Factory in Tangier

Ravago and Repsol Unveil Polypropylene Compounds Factory in Tangier

  • 08-Feb-2024 5:20 PM
  • Journalist: Nina Jiang

The partnership between Belgium's Ravago and Spain’s Repsol celebrated the grand opening of a cutting-edge factory in Tangier, exclusively dedicated to the production of polypropylene compounds, a pivotal material extensively utilized in the automotive sector. In a momentous ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, the Spanish energy behemoth, Repsol, and the Belgian plastics giant, Ravago, unveiled their latest compounding facility nestled within the Tangier Automotive City free zone. This collaborative venture aims to ramp up production capabilities to meet the surging demand from automotive professionals across the region.

With a substantial investment amounting to 20 million euros, the newly established plant is poised to manufacture a diverse range of materials, including polypropylene (PP) compounds, renowned for their ubiquitous presence in automotive applications. Furthermore, the facility will churn out polyamide, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and alloy compounds, as outlined in a joint statement issued by Ravago and Repsol. Strategically situated in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, the factory is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of local clients, particularly esteemed automakers like Renault and Stellantis, who have steadfastly supported the project since its inception.

As per a statement released by the collaborating entities in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the plant boasts an impressive annual production capacity of 18,500 tonnes, with provisions for future scalability. The inauguration of this factory assumes paramount importance in nurturing the growth of the national automotive sector. Armed with state-of-the-art technology, this industrial facility is set to bolster our competitive edge by facilitating localized production of automotive components, thereby advancing value chain integration and augmenting sectoral offerings. The collaboration with Ravago in the region plays a pivotal role in bolstering our foothold within the automotive value chain in Morocco.

Repsol remains steadfast in its commitment to further investments in automotive materials, with plans to expand production capacities to effectively support the manufacturing requirements of models assembled in Tangier, Kenitra, and Casablanca factories. This partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to strengthening our regional presence and delivering top-notch materials to our esteemed clientele. For Ravago, this milestone signifies a significant stride in our growth trajectory within the realm of plastic composites.

Repsol, a Spanish conglomerate, is predominantly involved in a spectrum of activities encompassing exploration, production, transportation, and refining of oil and natural gas. Additionally, the company is engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of petrochemical and natural gas products.

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