Revalyu Constructs a Significant Industrial PET Recycling Facility in the U.S.
Revalyu Constructs a Significant Industrial PET Recycling Facility in the U.S.

Revalyu Constructs a Significant Industrial PET Recycling Facility in the U.S.

  • 30-Jan-2023 5:28 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

Revalyu Resources, a leading chemical PET recycling company (R-PET manufacturing firm) of the Heraeus technology group, has announced that it will be investing USD 50 million in its first facility in the U.S. during the initial phase of its strategic expansion. Its new plant will be in Statesboro, Georgia, where the groundwork will be broken in the first half of 2023, and the R-PET facility will be put into operation in 2024.

About 70 people will work at the Statesboro site, which is located on 43 acres. The plant will be able to recycle and process more than 225,000 pounds of used PET (polyester) waste per day into sustainable PET polymers (esters) and R-PET chips when the first phase is finished. The plant will have a capacity of up to 450,000 pounds due to further expansion.

Over six billion bottles have already been recycled by Revalyu using a ground-breaking chemical recycling technology. The efficient and cost-effective recycling method yields the highest purity of recycled PET (R-PET). Compared to conventional polyester processes, this uses 67% less water and 91 percent less energy.

Applications from customers have demonstrated that recycled PET (R-PET) from plastic bottles has the same quality as virgin PET and can be utilized as a direct replacement. The Revalyu R-PET chips can be used to make any environmentally friendly PET product once turned into high-quality recycled PET (R-PET). It is primarily utilized in the textile sector for seamless knitting, weaving, denim, automotive, furniture, and technical textiles.

Jan van Kisfeld, Revalyu's managing director, said, "We are grateful to all of our U.S. clients, partners, and the Statesboro community for their support, confidence, and trust in us. Our strategy for global expansion reached a significant milestone when we started operating in the U.S.; It contributes to solving the problem of plastic waste and brings us closer to our target of recycling more than two million pounds of used PET bottles per day by 2026."

Dr. Vivek Tandon, Revalyu's founder, stated, "Our customers receive the world's cleanest, highest-quality, and most environmentally friendly polyester products thanks to our one-of-a-kind recycling process. Revalyu will become the leading global brand for recycling polyester due to our commercialization of a revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology; We continue to seek strong partners worldwide who wish to work with us on the global rollout of this technology."

According to the market intelligence team at ChemAnalyst, several U.S. downstream businesses are switching from virgin PET to R-PET for a variety of reasons. It is anticipated that the R-PET market, which is currently stagnant, will experience a meteoric rise in the coming months and years as a direct result of this.\

R-PET was being traded in the U.S. during the fourth week of January 2023 for approximately USD 1,310 per M.T. (for clear flakes grade) on FOB–Los Angeles basis.

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