Rising Demand and Supply Chain Disruption Surge the SAP Prices in the USA
Rising Demand and Supply Chain Disruption Surge the SAP Prices in the USA

Rising Demand and Supply Chain Disruption Surge the SAP Prices in the USA

  • 24-Apr-2023 5:26 PM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

USA: The traders of Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) in the USA are taking the initiative to minimize their cargo, as a result, which disrupted the supply chain situation of the Polymer & Resin-based product. Earlier, the shipment situation of SAP in the USA market was moderate, keeping the inventory levels intact with the traders in the region. However, the demand from the downstream automotive and paints industry increased, affecting the market sentiments of the product.

Investors are optimistic about the American Logistics industry, indicating that their anticipated long-term growth rates will be higher than historically. Over the past seven days, the Logistics Industry has risen 1.9%, driven by gains from United Parcel Service of 1.4%, which takes the industry's performance to a gain of 4.5%. The freight charges from North America's West Coast to East Asia increased by 3%, as quoted by the traders and the suppliers.

The market value of SAP elevated in the USA market, with prices observed at USD 2672/ton CFR USGC during April. Prices of feedstock raw material Sodium Polyacrylate in the USA surged to an average of 2500 USD/MT due to increasing market quotations caused by inflated energy costs, complicated logistics, and port backlogs.

More sales of SAP were being generated by the downstream adhesives and paints industries in the USA market. The procurement of Sodium Polyacrylate for the manufacturing of SAP increased in the region, depleting the inventory level of finished goods as quoted by the traders and the suppliers. As quoted by the merchants, the demand for SAP from diapers and the sanitary industry increased in the region.

Massive demand for SAP simulated by economic growth impacted the supply chain of the USA market region. The supply chain situation is moderate in the USA market, although the inventories were observed to plummet with higher consumption in the region.

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