Rising Demand Fundamentals Catapult China Liquid Chlorine Price Trend
Rising Demand Fundamentals Catapult China Liquid Chlorine Price Trend

Rising Demand Fundamentals Catapult China Liquid Chlorine Price Trend

  • 27-May-2022 6:32 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

Shandong, China; Due to high consumption from End-Users such as swimming pools, cleaning segment, and shortage of inventories, liquid Chlorine prices are rising in the European market in the last week of May. In China, with limited inventory availability and paused production activity to meet the demand from end-use industries, Liquid Chlorine values are surging at a high peak. Conclusively, the price of Liquid Chlorine showed an upward trend globally amid supply disruption and high demand.

In the month of May, the Chinese market's Liquid Chlorine prices are influenced by the robust downstream disinfectant and swimming pool segments. The product consumption in the swimming pool segment is increasing due to the upcoming summer season in China. Meanwhile, the number of Covid cases was gradually reduced, and lockdown limitations were eased slightly. Improvements in production activity and robust demand from downstream segments are the primary causes of the surging price trend of Liquid Chlorine. Furthermore, persisting container scarcity and disturbed operations at Shanghai, China's largest container terminal, significantly impacted Liquid Chlorine overseas supplies from China.

The European market for Liquid Chlorine witnessing a surge owing to the shortage of inventories of Liquid Chlorine across all leisure centers in England. International trading activities have been halted in Europe since the Q1 of 2022 due to escalated Russia-Ukraine tension and the COVID outbreak. The supply disruption has caused an increase in demand from the end-use segments such cleaning segment and swimming pool segment. Moreover, Swimming pool enterprises witnessing stockpiling in the region's upcoming summer season.

As per ChemAnalyst, "Prices of Liquid Chlorine are likely to be steadied in China due to further stable demand from the end-user Cleaning and swimming pool segment. The Liquid Chlorine cost is anticipated to be affected by energy costs due to supply disruption from Russia due to Russia and Ukraine conflict. Moreover, supplies are likely to be disrupted amid persisting Russia-Ukraine tension in Europe in the month of June." 

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