Rising Downstream Demand Increases the U.S. Isoprene Rubber Prices
Rising Downstream Demand Increases the U.S. Isoprene Rubber Prices

Rising Downstream Demand Increases the U.S. Isoprene Rubber Prices

  • 30-Jan-2023 2:51 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Texas, USA: The market value of Isoprene Rubber in the U.S. increased dramatically during the fourth week of January 2023. During the week ending January 27, Isoprene Rubber MV (60-80) pricing for FOB Texas increased by 3.9%. Experts suggest that the recent breakdown of China's zero-Covid policy and the impending mild recession are the main causes of this price surge. Numerous market analysts predict that the U.S. economy will soon enter a mild recession after touching inflation heights. A soft landing is envisaged for the market, given that inflation has already hit a high point and is currently moving toward a moderate scenario.

Researchers claim that increased automotive sales in the U.S. coincide with the impending onset of a moderate recession, encouraging Isoprene Rubber market price increases. There is already a pent-up demand for automotive purchases to counteract economic difficulties and rising financing costs. Additionally, China has finally opened its market by removing several restrictions associated with its zero-Covid policy, allaying several supply chain worries.

China is one of the major suppliers of semiconductors to the globe, so the U.S. automakers can undoubtedly exhale with ease now that the Chinese market is open again. The automotive industry's supply chain problems with semiconductors and other parts have essentially been overcome, enhancing vehicle production and increasing demand for Isoprene Rubber. Isoprene Rubber demand has increased, which is also driving up its market value when the downstream automotive industry is showing signs of recovery in the U.S. market.

As per ChemAnalyst's anticipation, "The Isoprene Rubber prices would increase further in the upcoming weeks on the back of surging demand from the automotive industry as the industry is expected to recover more in the U.S. market. Furthermore, the global market's downstream demand is also expected to rise, which would eventually raise the market value of Isoprene Rubber in the International Market."

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