Ritonavir API Prices Gear Up in Germany as the Demand strengthens
Ritonavir API Prices Gear Up in Germany as the Demand strengthens

Ritonavir API Prices Gear Up in Germany as the Demand strengthens

  • 28-Oct-2022 4:24 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Hamburg, Germany: Ritonavir API prices were observed on the higher side in October 2022, and this trend has been supported by multiple factors, including rising Natural Gas prices, healthy demand from end-user pharmaceutical sectors and lack of stocks with the domestic suppliers in the European region.

Additionally, higher energy costs also propelled the pricing sentiments of Ritonavir in Germany. The demand from the consumers inclined significantly during this month, keeping the prices on the higher side. Also, the high production cost, soaring inflation rate, and supply disruption in the European ports prompted the market of Ritonavir API to remain on the upper end.

As per the data, port congestions, mainly in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, along with cargo bunching strike action and cancellations, caused the disruption to rail services across the continent. These issues knocked on an already stretched trucking industry, where the problems of driver shortage and fuel price increase increased.

Furthermore, toward the end of October 2022, the local suppliers focused on increasing their stock levels as their inventories started to decline significantly. Moreover, they anticipated that the offtakes might remain higher in forthcoming months. This considerable shortage of Ritonavir API in the German market was also supported by the disrupted imports from exporting countries, primarily China. China's economic outlook has decreased due to its week-long holiday and resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Still, some parts of China are in stringent lockdowns, causing a higher risk of further worries in production, operations, and logistics activities, which positively impacted the market sentiments of Ritonavir API in Germany. Overall, the Values of Ritonavir API increased by 1.12 percent in Germany this month.

As per the chemanalyst, the price value of Ritonavir API is expected to incline considerably in the upcoming months. Trading momentum might remain affected, and domestic suppliers are expected to increase their quotations to meet the customers' surging demand.

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