Ritonavir Market Ascertains a Stable Price Trajectory In India

Ritonavir Market Ascertains a Stable Price Trajectory In India

Ritonavir Market Ascertains a Stable Price Trajectory In India

  • 15-Jul-2022 5:42 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

Ex-Ahmedabad, India: Ritonavir Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient cost in the Indian Market witnessed a constant pricing sentiment with a balance between its supply and demand rate. The demand from end-user pharmaceutical industries remained steady, and upstream cost supports kept the price value movement stable within the range of 0.91% to 0.67%.

In the Asian region, majorly in the Indian Market, the consistent downstream demand for Ritonavir API results from its major application in the reduction in the count of HIV in the body owing to its infections which remain persistent throughout the region. Also, the under-maintenance state of various Manufacturing units was another factor that resulted in an ongoing cost of Ritonavir API.

India is the major exporter to European and some North American regions, resulting in stable pricing trends of 0.67% for Ritonavir API. Moreover, the ongoing feedstock L-valine cost, and the constant trading activities, leading to continual supply from India to other regions, caused Ritonavir API market sentiments to remain stagnant.

Regardless of the global upsurge in Energy and Crude oil prices, the cost for Ritonavir API stayed in the firmed end owing to its constant KSM L-valinamide prices. Additionally, regular feedstock valine prices kept stabled Ritonavir API prices and its availability in the Market. Ritonavir is the derivative of L-valinamide, causing the stakeholders to maintain a sturdy rate. Therefore, the above reason results in the state of stagnancy in Ritonavir API prices.

According to ChemAnalyst, “The Indian Market is expected to have a consistent downstream Ritonavir API demand in forthcoming weeks. Moderate buying activities might witness in the region. Furthermore, the supply and demand side in the overall Market might establish an equilibrium state. At the same time, the prices for raw materials might remain stable, leading to constant API costs.


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