Röhm Unveils New PMMA Plant in Germany
Röhm Unveils New PMMA Plant in Germany

Röhm Unveils New PMMA Plant in Germany

  • 27-Feb-2024 10:01 AM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

Röhm is embarking on a significant expansion of its poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) production capacity in Worms, Germany, with the inauguration of a new plant dedicated to PLEXIGLAS molding compounds. This move represents a pivotal milestone in Röhm's growth strategy, underlining its commitment to enhancing production capabilities for PLEXIGLAS molding compounds at its primary global production hub in Worms.

The official commissioning of the plant was conducted during a ceremony attended by Röhm's Chief Operating Officer, Hans-Peter Hauck, Robert Weber, Head of the Worms Site, and Siamak Djafarian, Senior Vice President of the Molding Compounds Business Unit. This strategic expansion aligns with Röhm's vision of establishing itself as a leading methacrylate Verbund, emphasizing its dedication to sustainable growth and market leadership.

By investing in the expansion of its PMMA capacities, Röhm aims to fortify its position as a key player in the European market, following the augmentation of production capacity at its Shanghai plant in the previous year. The new facility in Worms will implement advanced, energy-efficient production processes, contributing to a notable reduction in the carbon footprint associated with molding compound production. This initiative underscores Röhm's commitment to environmental sustainability while catering to the escalating demand, particularly from the automotive sector.

The endeavor to expand production capacity for PLEXIGLAS molding compounds in Worms commenced in 2022, representing a cornerstone of Röhm's strategic investments. Leveraging existing infrastructure and facilities, including an additional compounding plant for colored products, Röhm has laid the groundwork for this ambitious expansion project.

With a legacy spanning 90 years, PLEXIGLAS, Röhm's brand of PMMA, has solidified its position in the market, renowned for its durability, weather and UV resistance, color fastness, luminosity, transparency, hardness, and scratch resistance. This reputation positions PLEXIGLAS as the material of choice for diverse applications across industries.

At the heart of Röhm's strategy lies the construction of a cutting-edge production plant for methyl methacrylate (MMA) in Bay City, TX, featuring the innovative LiMA technology developed by Röhm. This facility represents a flagship project for Röhm, reaffirming its status as the sole global manufacturer of MMA and PMMA, complete with downstream compounding capabilities, across Asia, North America, and Europe.

Furthermore, Röhm is expanding its footprint in China through a substantial investment in the expansion of a production plant for PLEXIGLAS (marketed as Acrylite in the Americas) molding compounds in Shanghai. This strategic move underscores Röhm's commitment to catering to the evolving demands of the Chinese market while consolidating its global presence.

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