SABIC Signs MoU with Pashupati Group to Explore Recycling Opportunities in India
SABIC Signs MoU with Pashupati Group to Explore Recycling Opportunities in India

SABIC Signs MoU with Pashupati Group to Explore Recycling Opportunities in India

  • 27-Mar-2024 6:16 PM
  • Journalist: Xiang Hong

SABIC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pashupati Group, a top Indian recycler of plastic waste and provider of premium recycled product, operating across North, West, and Southern regions of India. The primary objective of the MoU is to foster local recycling initiatives in India and extend SABIC's global network of certified recycling partners.

Within the framework of the MoU, both organizations will engage in knowledge sharing and exchange best practices concerning the recycling processes of used plastic materials. This collaboration aims to enhance value addition in processing by utilizing both virgin and recycled polyolefins, ultimately leading to the production of compounded and non-compounded finished products.

Sanjay Mishra, General Manager of Engineering Thermoplastics & Performance Polymers at SABIC, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership with Pashupati Group, highlighting its pivotal role in propelling India's shift towards circularity in the plastics industry. He underscores the significance of this collaboration in enriching SABIC's TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio, which encompasses recycled, circular polymers, and addressing the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

Under the MoU, Pashupati Group will leverage its expertise in the mechanical and chemical processing of used plastic materials, while SABIC will focus on marketing and sales activities related to recycled products. Moreover, the agreement includes provisions for an advanced recycling project aimed at converting used plastics into pyrolysis oil. SABIC intends to utilize this oil in the production of certified circular polymers, boasting performance properties equivalent to those of virgin plastics.

Bankey Goenka, Managing Director at Pashupati Group, highlights, "This memorandum of understanding (MOU) signifies the collaboration of two industry leaders: Pashupati Group, renowned for its expertise in plastic recycling and the provision of high-quality recyclates (PET & Polyolefin), including materials sourced from mountain and ocean-bound plastics, with a proven track record spanning over two decades; and SABIC, a market leader renowned for its innovative products and solutions aimed at promoting a circular plastics economy. This partnership underscores the shared commitment of both SABIC and Pashupati Group towards advancing the circular economy and contributing to the preservation of our planet.

This MoU builds upon SABIC's previous collaborations, such as its partnership with a Malaysian plastic recycling firm, HHI, in 2021. Together, they developed polymers from recovered ocean-bound and ocean plastics, subsequently utilized in manufacturing innovative products like the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse and the Microsoft Surface Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock.

SABIC's TRUCIRCLE portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings, including certified circular polymers, design for recyclability, mechanically recycled products, certified renewable polymers from bio-based feedstock, and closed-loop initiatives aimed at preventing valuable used plastics from becoming waste.

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