San Diego may restore their Polystyrene foam ban

San Diego may restore their Polystyrene foam ban

San Diego may restore their Polystyrene foam ban

  • 01-Aug-2022 3:58 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

California- In the previous week, San Diego made a striking decision toward keeping the ban on polystyrene foam used in food containers and cups. According to the San Diego government's official statement, This ban aims to reduce the Polystyrene quantity in the environment, which pollutes the flora and fauna life. Polystyrene also impacts the food chain followed in the environment, consequently affecting the end-use consumers consuming seafood.

The California Restaurant Association, one of the significant manufacturers of polystyrene-based food containers and cutlery, asked the government to think about the ill effects of the natural harm that a switch paper could make could offset the ecological advantages of the switch. The Association decided to go for legal action against the ban on Polystyrene. Rather than battling in court, San Diego authorities accepted to lead the survey and take opinions from end users regarding the pros and cons of Polystyrene. San Diego was the only city in California to have its polystyrene ban legitimately tested.

San Diego banned Polystyrene three years ago and took action in favor of the decision by ending the sale of these foams in food services and other packaging sectors. The city authorities concluded to survey and re-examined their decision on the boycott's potential and its impact on the environment and business scale of downstream industries. According to the report and survey done by the San Diego authorities, the harmful effect of consuming Polystyrene on the environment overtakes the harm caused after consuming materials made from Polystyrene.

As per ChemAnalyst, coastal areas and communities near the location are ordinarily more centered around the polystyrene ban. According to their opinions, the material isn't biodegradable and is criticized for harming fish and the well-being of individuals who eat fish. It breaks into simple pieces, allowing it to enter neighborhood streams and effectively get consumed by natural life.


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