Scan Global Logistics, Hapag-Lloyd Forge Biofuel Pact in Green Collaboration
Scan Global Logistics, Hapag-Lloyd Forge Biofuel Pact in Green Collaboration

Scan Global Logistics, Hapag-Lloyd Forge Biofuel Pact in Green Collaboration

  • 15-May-2024 3:28 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

On May 14, 2024, Scan Global Logistics (SGL), a prominent global transport and logistics solutions provider, and Hapag-Lloyd, one of the largest container shipping lines globally, jointly unveil a substantial partnership involving a multimillion-dollar ocean biofuel initiative. This significant collaboration marks a notable advancement in the sustainability goals mutually pursued by both companies.

Prioritizing sustainability within their strategic frameworks, SGL and Hapag-Lloyd have initiated a forward-thinking endeavor to incorporate biofuels into their shipping activities. Through the utilization of biofuel sourced from renewable origins, these collaborators strive to assist customers in significantly lowering carbon emissions while actively contributing to the worldwide campaign against climate change.

Mads Drejer, Global COO & CCO at Scan Global Logistics, emphasizes, "Through this partnership, we not only decrease emissions but also reaffirm our dedication to providing sustainable logistics solutions that positively impact our customers and society at large."

The incorporation of biofuels in maritime shipping represents a notable stride in the industry's pursuit of carbon neutrality. By committing to sustainable initiatives, SGL and Hapag-Lloyd are making substantial advancements for the logistics sector, propelling it towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

"We are pleased to welcome SGL as a valued partner in our Ship Green initiative," expresses Tom De Wilde, Senior Director Global Sales at Hapag-Lloyd. "Together, we showcase our joint commitment to decarbonization and catalyze constructive transformations in the shipping sector – aligning with Hapag-Lloyd's pledge to operate a net-zero fleet by 2045."

In this joint endeavor, SGL and Hapag-Lloyd seek to forge a lasting partnership focused on expanding sustainable transportation solutions. This collaboration underscores the feasibility of supporting collective endeavors to decarbonize both the maritime and logistics sectors through the utilization of existing biofuel solutions.

Scan Global Logistics is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of logistics on a daily basis. As a comprehensive logistics provider, the company has a proven global track record. SGL delivers end-to-end logistics solutions encompassing a wide array of services, including air, ocean, rail, road, warehousing, or any combination thereof. At the core of the company's ethos is a 'can-do attitude,' viewing every challenge as an opportunity for improvement and growth. With a global presence spanning six continents and over 3600 employees across more than 180 offices, the company collaborates closely to deliver tailored solutions worldwide. Throughout its operations, SGL prioritizes the creation of a meaningful workplace environment anchored in its guiding principles of Respect, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, and Fun.

Hapag-Lloyd stands as a premier liner shipping company with a fleet comprising 266 contemporary container ships, boasting a collective transport capacity of 2.0 million TEU. Within the Liner Shipping segment, the company operates with approximately 13,500 personnel and maintains a network of 403 offices spanning 140 countries. Hapag-Lloyd boasts a container capacity of 2.9 million TEU, inclusive of one of the largest and most sophisticated fleets of reefer containers. The company operates 113 liner services globally, ensuring swift and dependable connections among over 600 ports across all continents. In the Terminal & Infrastructure segment, Hapag-Lloyd holds ownership interests in 20 terminals located in Europe, Latin America, the United States, India, and North Africa. With roughly 2,900 employees dedicated to this segment, Hapag-Lloyd provides supplementary logistics services alongside terminal operations at selected sites.

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