SIBUR Develops Innovative Special Component for Production of Rubbers and SBS Polymers

SIBUR Develops Innovative Special Component for Production of Rubbers and SBS Polymers

SIBUR Develops Innovative Special Component for Production of Rubbers and SBS Polymers

  • 30-Jan-2023 5:10 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Moscow [Russia]: SIBUR, a powerhouse of the Russian petrochemicals industry and an international leader in terms of growth, has recently developed its own technology for producing n-Butyllithium, an essential component for the manufacture of synthetic rubbers and SBS polymers. This cutting-edge initiative enhances both the company's capability and its competitive edge in the global market.

Rubber and SBS polymers created using n-Butyllithium offer a wide range of advantages, such as increased resistance to abrasion, improved flexibility, and enhanced ability to regain their original shape after any deformation. Because of these features, products made from these materials – like car tires, shoe soles etc. – have become more appealing to consumers. In the future, SIBUR intends to produce enough of this component to meet its own needs. And there is even the potential for the company to construct a factory dedicated to making this component at one of its existing production sites.

“We started by reproducing a well-known 20th-century technology that remains widely used in the United States, Europe, and China. In the course of their work, however, our experts tested several hypotheses and optimized the technology for the production of n-Butyllithium by reducing the number of stages and the amount of equipment involved, which will make production much more cost-effective overall”, stated Maxim Lipskikh, head of the plasticizer laboratory at NIOST, SIBUR’s research and development centre.

SIBUR's scientists have made a breakthrough in technology - managing to progress through all stages of development, from the laboratory phase to pilot tests, in just seven months! In addition, their innovation has enabled them to create a product that meets global quality standards.

Synthetic rubbers, known as elastomers, have become a vital part of the road, footwear, and tyre industries. Butyllithium is also an important part of organic synthesis used to create active pharmaceutical ingredients and plays a role in the production of agrochemicals and electronics.


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