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SIBUR to Expand its Foothold in Global Petrochemical Industry with Construction of World’s Largest and Advanced Polymer Facility

SIBUR, Russia’s integrated petrochemical company has recently laid foundation of world’s largest facility to produce most advanced basic polymer materials in Amur Region. Amul Gas Chemical Complex incorporating the largest cracking unit for first stage feedstock processing is prepared to launch in line with gradual expansion of Amur Gas Processing Plant. The facilities will be operated in such a way that the Gas Processing Plant could efficiently supply Amul GCL with required feedstock to be processed as high value-added products.  The Gas Complex encompassing a production facility of 2.7 tpy include 2.3 million Polyethylene and 400000 Propylene capacity is likely to be completed by 2025. Sinopec, the largest petrochemical company in China will be serving as a distributive partner to AMUR GGC, providing it a needed push for the growth of non-commodity products. As per Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russian Federation, the project is an investment for future which will serve the country by creating ample number of jobs opportunities which help towards sinking a profound impetus to the native economy.