Sinochem Quanzhou Halts MEG Production in Fujian Province for Maintenance
Sinochem Quanzhou Halts MEG Production in Fujian Province for Maintenance

Sinochem Quanzhou Halts MEG Production in Fujian Province for Maintenance

  • 07-Nov-2023 7:40 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Sinochem, a subsidiary of the state-owned Sinochem Corporation, has undertaken a planned shutdown of its monoethylene glycol (MEG) plant located in Quanzhou, Fujian province, China. This temporary cessation of production commenced on November 7 and is primarily aimed at facilitating routine maintenance activities essential for the plant's sustained operational efficiency. The MEG plant, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, is expected to remain offline for a period of approximately 10 days, with the maintenance activities slated for completion by November 16.

This is not the first instance where Sinochem has taken such proactive measures. On January 23, earlier this year, the company resumed production at the MEG plant after conducting scheduled preventive maintenance work. The previous round of repairs commenced on December 6 of the preceding year and was initially scheduled for completion on January 24. These maintenance activities are part of the company's ongoing commitment to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of its production facilities.

Moreover, Sinochem has a history of significant developments and expansion in its operations. In the second week of December 2020, the company commissioned a new cracker in Quanzhou, representing a significant addition to its petrochemical infrastructure. The new cracker has the capacity to produce 1 million tonnes of ethylene per year, contributing to the company's capability to manufacture essential chemical compounds.

Additionally, by the end of December in the same year, the company commenced the production of commercial products from a new paraxylene plant in Quanzhou. This diversification and expansion of its production capabilities reflect the company's strategic approach to meeting the demands of the petrochemical market.

The cracker and paraxylene plant are integral components of the second phase of Sinochem's extensive refinery and petrochemical expansion project at its Quanzhou complex. The project, valued at 32.5 billion yuan (CNY) or approximately USD 4.64 billion, signifies a significant investment in expanding the company's footprint in the petrochemical industry.

The importance of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical's operations extends beyond its individual capacity, as it plays a crucial role in meeting the growing demands of the petrochemical market. The continued expansion of the company's infrastructure aligns with the broader trend of increasing petrochemical consumption.

Sinochem is a subsidiary of Sinochem Corporation, a state-owned entity with a formidable presence in the petrochemical sector. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of petrochemical products, offering a diverse range of petroleum-based products, including gasoline, kerosene, diesel, industrial sulfur, mixed xylene, acrylic resin, and others. Through its comprehensive product portfolio and strategic expansions, Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting China's petrochemical industry's growth and meeting the nation's evolving energy and chemical needs.

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