Sinopec Zhongke Set to Temporarily Cease EVA Production in China
Sinopec Zhongke Set to Temporarily Cease EVA Production in China

Sinopec Zhongke Set to Temporarily Cease EVA Production in China

  • 30-Jan-2024 5:05 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

Sinopec Zhongke Refining & Petrochemical, a key subsidiary of Sinopec, a globally recognized energy and chemical conglomerate, is gearing up for a scheduled maintenance period that will temporarily halt production at its ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plant on Donghai Island in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, China. This maintenance initiative is set to commence on March 20 and will continue until May 20, allowing for comprehensive preventive measures to ensure the optimal functioning of the facility.

The EVA plant in focus possesses an annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons of ethylene vinyl acetate, a crucial chemical compound with diverse applications in various industries. Sinopec Zhongke's strategic decision to undergo preventive maintenance underscores its commitment to sustaining operational excellence and ensuring the long-term reliability of its petrochemical facilities.

In addition to the forthcoming maintenance activities, it was previously reported that Sinopec Zhongke Refining & Petrochemical has ambitious plans for expansion in the EVA production sector. The company is actively exploring the establishment of a second ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plant, referred to as EVA No. 2, with a targeted annual capacity of 100 thousand tons. This proposed plant is slated to be situated in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, further solidifying the company's presence in the region.

The estimated cost of the EVA No. 2 project is reported to be around USD 278 million, and the anticipated construction timeline spans two years. Currently, the project is navigating the coordination phase to ensure alignment with stringent environmental standards, showcasing Sinopec Zhongke's commitment to sustainability and responsible industrial practices.

The decision to undertake scheduled maintenance at the existing EVA plant and the strategic plans for a new facility highlight Sinopec Zhongke's forward-looking approach in navigating the dynamic petrochemical landscape. By proactively addressing maintenance needs and exploring expansion opportunities, the company aims to bolster its position as a key player in the production of ethylene vinyl acetate, catering to the evolving demands of various industries.

Donghai Island's significance as the location for Sinopec Zhongke's EVA production underscores the strategic positioning of the facility. Guangdong Province, with its vibrant industrial landscape, serves as a pivotal hub for the energy and chemical sectors in China. Sinopec Zhongke's operations in this region contribute to the province's economic development and align with broader initiatives in advancing the nation's petrochemical capabilities.

Sinopec Zhongke Refining & Petrochemical's planned shutdown of the EVA plant for maintenance reflects a commitment to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of its operations. Simultaneously, the company's expansion plans for a new EVA facility underscore its proactive stance in meeting the growing demand for ethylene vinyl acetate. As the petrochemical industry continues to evolve, Sinopec Zhongke's strategic initiatives position it as a key contributor to the sector's advancements in Guangdong Province and beyond. The coordination with environmental standards in the development of the EVA No. 2 project aligns with the company's dedication to sustainable and responsible growth in the petrochemical domain.

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