Soaring Downstream Demand Steer Up Global Orlistat Prices

Soaring Downstream Demand Steer Up Global Orlistat Prices

Soaring Downstream Demand Steer Up Global Orlistat Prices

  • 02-Dec-2022 3:50 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Orlistat prices in November followed the previous month's trend again in the global market, supported by healthy downstream demand with lessened inventories. Also, the port congestion in both the regions, i.e., Germany and the USA, reinforced the market sentiments of Orlistat. Also, the inquiries from the consumers were on the higher side. Overall, a continuous bullish market sentiment overlooked the price trends of Orlistat in both countries.

In November 2022, the cost of Orlistat inclined by 1.28 percent, even more than the previous month in the German market, as the demand increased during this month, keeping the domestic sales on the upper end. The market participants had to increase their quotations and stock levels to maintain their profit margins. The soaring price trends have also been supported by regional yard occupancy rates, vessel clustering, port congestion, delayed shipments, and the Russian-Ukraine war. Also, the increase in energy prices supports Orlistat's market sentiments.

A similar market pattern is observed in the USA, where the rise in crude oil prices and towering inflation is driving Orlistat's market trend upward state. Weaker economic conditions and supply constraints intimidate the market sentiments that can affect the prices of Orlistat in the USA. In the USA, the cost of Orlistat upsurged by around 0.84 percent. Moreover, the Christmas holiday prompted USA suppliers and retailers to maintain their stores in anticipation of immediate orders.

Future lower exports from exporting countries, primarily from China to Europe and other regions, impacted the cost of all the commodities, including Orlistat, in the international market.

As per the ChemAnalyst: the price of Orlistat is likely to follow a downward trend in forthcoming months, i.e., in December. However, Orlistat markets might be lower next month due to a significant dip in demand for the downstream product undermined by the diminished international economic situation. Market participants are expected to have accumulated stocks with them which is sufficient to meet any immediate orders.


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