Soaring Polytetrafluoroethylene Appraise in USA
Soaring Polytetrafluoroethylene Appraise in USA

Soaring Polytetrafluoroethylene Appraise in USA

  • 27-May-2022 9:24 AM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) prices increased slightly in the United States, with prices ranging from USD 11777/ton and a week-to-week increase of 0.1%, according to Chem Analyst on May 26 compared to the previous week. Prices were held steady by robust demand from downstream home appliances. Electrical insulation, automotive and aerospace, and the construction industries are also increasing in demand.

In May, a stable price trend was recorded in the US due to low supplies and a consistent demand trend. Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, prices of upstream feedstock Ethylene monomer were also seen to be unpredictable in the market. Imports from Asia are still being impacted by global supply chain disruptions, which affect supplies and, as a result, pricing.

Polytetrafluoroethylene demand increased dramatically in importing countries such as Japan, France, and Mexico due to its unique non-adhesive and low frictional properties, as well as its superior heat, chemical, and weather resistance, and electrical properties when compared to other polymers. These characteristics force consumers to use PTFE in a wide range of automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, and common household appliances.

The US Polytetrafluoroethylene suppliers are keeping a watch on the downstream market scenario, expecting robust growth in the Fluoropolymer consumption with balancing the US economy. As per the domestic manufacturers, the sharp spike in the pricing graph is further buoyed by firming petrochemicals like Ethylene, Tetrafluoroethylene & Propylene, especially in May, which are the critical raw materials involved in Fluoropolymer production.

Local traders said that various economic stimuli by the US government had some effect in propping up market sentiments. Price increment has been buoyed by firming feedstock across the international market backed by soaring freight.

As per Chem Analyst, Polytetrafluoroethylene prices witnessed overall stability this month, as the current market scenario has shifted towards improvement and recovery due to rising demand from the broad downstream sectors. Further, North America is predicted to offer considerable growth opportunities.

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