Soda Ash or Sulfur: Which One to Determine the Sodium Bisulfite Market
Soda Ash or Sulfur: Which One to Determine the Sodium Bisulfite Market

Soda Ash or Sulfur: Which One to Determine the Sodium Bisulfite Market

  • 10-May-2022 3:23 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Shanghai, China: These days, China has been a home to market uncertainties; the Chinese market scenarios appear vague and suspenseful. There's so much going on in the country that the pricing trends of products have become difficult to guess. Another covid outbreak, rising crude oil prices, labour day holidays, inflationary pressure due to the Russia-Ukraine war, and whatnot, all these factors tangled the market sentiments of several products in China.

Amidst this oscillating market trend, whether Soda ash or Sulfur prices would decide the upcoming trend for Sodium Bisulfite is among the most asked question.

ChemAnalyst Experts talked with many Chinese manufacturers and traders about the same and got a closer glimpse at the whole situation to resolve this mystery.

A Tianjin-based manufacturing company confirmed ChemAnalyst that Sulfur prices are rising at the moment, and they will keep surging for a few more weeks while the Soda Ash market is almost constant. However, it is anticipated that Sulfur will be the driving factor of sodium Bisulfite in the Chinese market.

The same manufacturer affirmed that the downstream demand would be another crucial factor supporting the price trend of Sodium Bisulfite. For Now, the demand for Sodium Bisulfite has been escalating in China's domestic market, which implies that it would propel the price value of Sodium Bisulfite in the market.

According to ChemAnalyst, "The Sodium Bisulfite prices would show slight increment in the upcoming weeks due to increasing Sulfur prices and growing demand from several end-user industries."

It would be interesting to witness how the Sulfur and Soda Ash market would influence the Sodium bisulfite prices in the future and which one of the two feedstocks will dominate the other. ChemAnalyst will follow up with future updates on the sodium Bisulfite market in China. Stay with us to know where the Sodium Bisulfite market goes in the coming days.

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