Global Soda Ash Prices Likely to Surge Amidst Rising Downstream Consumption in October 2023
Global Soda Ash Prices Likely to Surge Amidst Rising Downstream Consumption in October 2023

Global Soda Ash Prices Likely to Surge Amidst Rising Downstream Consumption in October 2023

  • 16-Oct-2023 5:02 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

The Soda Ash prices displayed positive market sentiments across the globe and gained a resilient demand outlook for October 2023. In the European region, the Soda Ash demand in the downstream glass industry escalated because of the rising automotive production volume in the regional market and the shortage of stocks to fulfill recent orders. Additionally, the US Soda Ash market was influenced by the surging international offers, especially from the Asian region, and supported the rising price trend of the commodity during September 2023 and prompted a northward price trajectory in the coming weeks of October 2023.

In the United States, Soda Ash prices in the H1 of October remained relatively stable, backed by the US producers' expectations of global Soda Ash prices to revive in October, as the market players have reduced rates to combat demand weakness since the end of September 2023. Therefore, suppliers adjusted their operations based on profitability. Hence, the market participants expected the international price of Soda Ash to turn positive along with reviving new orders from the international and regional markets. Therefore, this week, the Soda Ash prices were stable towards the northward trend due to low supply availability to fulfill the existing demand in the downstream sectors. Additionally, the Soda Ash market saw increased demand from the US downstream glass industry as they prepared for the seasonal consumption and future rise in the electricity cost amid the winter season in the USA. Thus, the limited supply and demand also allowed the market players to sustain their profit margins in the H2 of October 2023.

In Europe, Soda Ash prices are expected to remain upward in October 2023 post gains in September, as the downstream glass industry demand is anticipated to increase and likely to be prompted by the continuing September 2023 rise in the automotive production volumes in October. In Europe, the major factor behind the price variation was the decent purchasing sentiments amidst declined inventory availability in the major exporting nations.

The Soda Ash prices in major Asian exporter countries such as China showed a rise and were governed by the limited inventories and gaining positive demand outlook during October 2023. The Soda Ash market players believe that the rise in Soda Ash prices since September was mainly due to the maintenance of individual companies and tight supply amidst reduced production run rates and slowed down delivery. The overall trading atmosphere was acceptable, and Soda Ash downstream replenishment stocks also went up.

According to ChemAnalyst, Soda Ash pricing dynamics will likely remain northward globally during October 2023 due to the expected positive change in the demand along with the seasonal demand momentum in line with inadequate stocks and rising production costs.

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