Sodium Bicarbonate Prices Decline  in China and the US Amidst Low Demand and Ample Supplies
Sodium Bicarbonate Prices Decline  in China and the US Amidst Low Demand and Ample Supplies

Sodium Bicarbonate Prices Decline in China and the US Amidst Low Demand and Ample Supplies

  • 25-Jul-2023 4:39 PM
  • Journalist: Nicholas Seifield

In recent months, Sodium Bicarbonate prices have been declining in both China and the US. The food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries are major consumers of Sodium Bicarbonate. In recent months, demand from these industries has declined. In China, the price of Sodium Bicarbonate has fallen by more than 20% since March 2023, while in the US, prices have dropped by about 10%. Several factors contributed to the price decline of Sodium Bicarbonate, including the increasing supply and new production capacity in China has come online. At the same time, in the US, the shale gas boom has led to an increase in natural gas production, which is a feedstock for Sodium Bicarbonate production.

In recent months, there has been an increase in the supply of Sodium Bicarbonate. The factory, which Inner Mongolia Berun Group owns, started production in late June. It is the first commercial-scale natural soda ash factory in China. Soda Ash is the raw material used for the production of Sodium Bicarbonate. The new factory in China is expected to help lower the soda ash price, which could lead to lower prices for Sodium Bicarbonate. According to Marguerite Morrin, research director for OPIS' Chemical Market Analytics, the new factory could reduce the price of soda ash by about 10%. This would lead to a decrease in the price of solar glass by about 2%.

The shale gas boom has significantly impacted the United States energy market. It has led to a decrease in natural gas prices, which has benefited consumers and businesses. It has also made the United States a more energy-secure country, as it is now less dependent on natural gas imports. The shale gas boom has also had some environmental implications. Some people have raised concerns about the potential for fracking to contaminate groundwater. Others have argued that the methane emissions from shale gas production contribute to climate change.

Another factor contributing to the decline in Sodium Bicarbonate prices is the weakening demand for the product. The demand for Sodium Bicarbonate has declined in China as the country's economy has slowed. In the US, the demand for Sodium Bicarbonate has been declining as consumers have switched to other products, such as baking soda.

Also, the production costs of Sodium Bicarbonate have been declining recently. This is due to the use of more efficient production technologies and the availability of cheaper feedstocks. The cost of shipping Sodium Bicarbonate has decreased in recent months due to lower fuel prices and increased competition among shipping companies. The US dollar has recently strengthened against other major currencies, making US-produced Sodium Bicarbonate more expensive for buyers in other countries.

According to ChemAnalyst, the decline in Sodium Bicarbonate prices is likely to continue soon in the US and China. This is because the factors causing the decline, such as the increasing supply and weakening demand, will likely continue soon. However, if the demand for Sodium Bicarbonate increases, the prices could rise again.

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