Sodium Bisulfite Prices Continue to Augment in the US Market
Sodium Bisulfite Prices Continue to Augment in the US Market

Sodium Bisulfite Prices Continue to Augment in the US Market

  • 10-Mar-2023 2:46 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

USA: Several end-user industries, including the food and beverage sectors, are finally observing a sigh in consumption pattern as well as supply demand pattern after the prolonged market volatility in the United States, which included trade restrictions, congested international ports, and rapidly declining stocks in local inventories. According to the ChemAnalyst, the price of Sodium Bisulfite in the domestic US market are rising on the loop. In order to retain the colour and freshness of vegetables and juices, particularly green vegetables, Sodium Bisulfite is a common food additive used as an antioxidant. As a result of this increased demand from its end-user F&B sectors, the price of the Sodium Bisulfite has continued to rise.

Since February, the available stocks for Sodium Bisulfite on the shelves of domestic merchants started to fall due to improved demand. In comparison to the previous year, the economy of American markets has revamped displaying optimistic signs for demand and supply of food additives including Sodium Bisulfite. The labor market is in the full swing and quite pricey as well due to almost full employment. Although due to massive layoffs, the workforce in the nation however remains fragile. The China to US trade channel is growing, according to consumer demand indicators. Domestic retailers cut back on manufacturing orders by as much as 40% because of a slowdown in local consumer demand and historically high warehouse inventory. And, due to the current stocks available with suppliers coupled with high demand, the prices of Sodium Bisulfite are consistently increasing in the US. As per the commerce experts, it will take months before a rebound takes hold in the country, despite optimistic expectations for increasing trade demand for the world economy.

During the Spring Festival holidays, manufacturing industries in China, a major exporter, gradually resumed operations. Nevertheless, their general operational efficiency remained low, and their local stockpile of Sodium Bisulfite had somewhat decreased. This market shortage of Sodium Bisulfite will help to somewhat offset the increase in price on the domestic market.

ChemAnalyst predicts that the price of Sodium Bisulfite will increase further in the domestic market since the supply did not significantly improve during the second week of March. It is recommended for the market players to be ready and adaptive in these rapidly changing times because the stability of everything from commodities to end-use products depends on a strong supply chain.

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