Sodium Chlorite Prices Showcased Upward Trajectory in Asia Amid Surging Demand
Sodium Chlorite Prices Showcased Upward Trajectory in Asia Amid Surging Demand

Sodium Chlorite Prices Showcased Upward Trajectory in Asia Amid Surging Demand

  • 02-Jun-2022 6:35 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Sodium Chlorite prices showed buoyed trend in May in the Asian market, backed by the decent demand from the downstream industries such as textile, water treatment, and disinfectant. In Asia, prices for Sodium chlorite continued to show an upward trajectory in May as the input costs are rising amidst higher freight and energy costs. As per the trader, shortage of logistics and higher raw material Sodium Hydroxide costs affect the price movement for Sodium Chlorite in India. Moreover, good demand from disinfectants and food processing segments also contributed to the rising prices for Sodium Chlorite.

The price for Sodium Chlorite in India elevated due to consumption of the product in downstream industries such as the textile industry due to higher input costs and from the disinfectant segment with rising COVID 19 cases in the country. Meanwhile, the supply chain in India was disrupted due to the primary factors, including the Russia-Ukraine war and Strict COVID 19 restrictions on production in China in May. Buoyant demand encourages companies to rebuild stocks in India for the product.

The overall Chinese supply has not shown any change in May, and the downstream textile and disinfectant demand witnessed stability from the domestic market. Due to the Logistics shortage and a strong wait-and-see mood in the Chinese market, enterprises indulged in maintaining stability and attaining average profit margins. As per the analysis conducted by ChemAnalyst, it is anticipated that the price of Sodium Chlorite will be slightly adjusted and operated soon, depending on the demand of the downstream market and raw material Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) prices.

ChemAnalyst predicted that “prices of Sodium chlorite are expected to show a surge in Asia including India, China in the coming months due to expected rise in the prices of raw material Sodium Hydroxide and energy costs amidst the escalated Russia-Ukraine tension.” Moreover, the port congestion amid COVID 19 pandemic is also expected to persist in Asia. Product consumption from downstream industries such as disinfectants, food processing, and textile is also likely to increase in Asia.

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