Sodium Gluconate Prices Show Resilience as Consumption Improves Globally
Sodium Gluconate Prices Show Resilience as Consumption Improves Globally

Sodium Gluconate Prices Show Resilience as Consumption Improves Globally

  • 27-Sep-2023 7:03 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

Houston, USA: Recent analysis shows Sodium Gluconate prices have showcased an uptrend in the global market during the H1 of September 2023. As per the data, Sodium Gluconate prices in Europe, the USA, and Asia witnessed an incline on the back of improved offtakes by major importing nations amidst high inflation and rising production costs.

In Europe, Sodium Gluconate prices fluctuated frequently and ended up at a higher note by mid-September 2023. The major factor behind this price variation was rising input costs and high inflation in the major exporting nation, France. At the same time, Sodium Gluconate importing nations, including Germany, showcased marginal improvement in consumption from the construction sector, which shares a major portion of Sodium Gluconate consumption. Further, consumption in the French market also showcased resilience while the country's service sector plummeted in the meantime.

During this period, the US market performed better than Europe, and the consumption of Sodium Gluconate remained higher than anticipated earlier. As per the insights, the US construction sector gained momentum during August and September after witnessing prolonged dullness supported by unchanged interest rates by the FED this time, which stimulated optimism across the downstream industries. However, inflationary pressure is still higher than normal on US consumers. Thus, the FED has also hinted at further interest rate increments by the end of this year. This action by the FED may become a barrier to the growth of the country's construction sector, and prices and consumption of Sodium Gluconate may decline in future months.

This period observed a similar market trend for Sodium Gluconate in Asia. The Chinese market witnessed a significant price increment during September 2023 despite low demand from the domestic market. Higher imports from the other importing nations in Asia remained the driving factor for this price trend. Festivities in India have brought confidence across the market, and traders have heard about procuring cargo frequently. Furthermore, due to the stable economic momentum in India, commercial, residential, and government construction projects are observed to be high post-monsoon slowdown. Thus, Sodium Gluconate prices have also increased during September across the Asian market.

Regarding the pricing forecast, Sodium Gluconate prices are expected to sustain this uptrend until mid-November and may start to ease down afterward. High input costs in the French market and an expected incline in energy prices may drive the price trend in Europe in the coming months, while the USA might keep witnessing a slow yet steady incline in demand till the end of this year.

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