Sodium Nitrate Prices Surge in the US Amid Global Supply Chain Disruptions
Sodium Nitrate Prices Surge in the US Amid Global Supply Chain Disruptions

Sodium Nitrate Prices Surge in the US Amid Global Supply Chain Disruptions

  • 29-Dec-2023 6:31 PM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

In a disquieting turn of events, the US market has witnessed a substantial spike in the prices of Sodium Nitrate during the month of December. The surge is attributed to a combination of factors collectively straining market dynamics. Key contributors include unwavering demand for Sodium Nitrate from the downstream sector, increased raw material costs for Nitric acid, and a rise in Sodium Nitrate prices in exporting regions. Additionally, escalating freight charges, compounded by disruptions in transportation and trade routes, have further exacerbated the situation for Sodium Nitrate market.

One primary driver behind the soaring Sodium Nitrate prices is the increased cost of the raw material, Nitric acid. This surge is felt not only in the US but also in exporting and producing regions. Concentrated Nitric acid quotations notably increased, coupled with a brief shutdown of devices in the Anhui region of East China. This disruption led to a reduction in the market's spot supply, fostering sentiment among acid factories favoring rising prices. The upward trajectory persisted, fueled by a rise in the upstream liquid ammonia market. Despite a mid-month dip, the impact on the trajectory was relatively modest, keeping prices of both Nitric acid and Sodium Nitrate consistently on the higher end. Experts and analysts predict that this Sodium Nitrate trend is likely to continue, with the price of Nitric acid showing signs of a sustained upward trend. The domestic acid market has displayed robust performance, with accelerated exchange transactions and tight supply, contributing to heightened Sodium Nitrate prices. The prevailing focus on market transactions, predominantly centered on orders, underscores the persistent pressure on the Sodium Nitrate market, with expectations of a further strengthening trend.

Furthermore, the increased Sodium Nitrate prices in the US are intrinsically linked to surging costs in exporting nations. Global supply chain disruptions have created a domino effect, influencing various facets of production and transportation. Asian exports, in particular, are bracing for severe repercussions as tensions in the Red Sea and the Suez Canal introduce challenges such as delivery delays, altered routes, contingency surcharges, increased freight, premium hikes, supply chain disruptions, and demand fluctuations.

Asian exports are anticipated to bear the brunt of a surge in Contingency Surcharge (CAC) in shipping lines. Compounding the issue, the missile attack on NUMBER 9, an OOCL-operated ship on December 3rd, has heightened the threat to all ships traversing the Red Sea, irrespective of their connection to Israel. The transit restrictions in the Panama Canal, initiated on November 1st, are beginning to impact container ships, with an increasing number of vessels facing delays, expected to worsen over the next two months. The daily transit limit for all types of vessels is set to decrease from 32 to 18 by February, posing additional challenges to the already strained global shipping network.

According to ChemAnalyst, Sodium Nitrate prices are further predicted to increase in the upcoming month due to increased raw material and production costs. As the new year and the first quarter commence, market players will be placing bulk orders to replenish Sodium Nitrate inventories to cater to surging demand.

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