Spectra Systems Introduces Revolutionary Certified Circular Polymer for Banknote Substrate
Spectra Systems Introduces Revolutionary Certified Circular Polymer for Banknote Substrate

Spectra Systems Introduces Revolutionary Certified Circular Polymer for Banknote Substrate

  • 03-Apr-2024 2:17 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

In recent decades, many central banks worldwide have adopted polymer substrates for their banknotes instead of traditional paper, with this transition originating in Australia back in 1988. Since then, more than 60 countries have embraced polypropylene substrates, with approximately 30% of them incorporating polymer across all denominations. In 2019, Spectra Systems Corporation made history by introducing the world's first high-speed machine-readable polymer substrate, featuring covert signatures embedded within the polymer to enhance security.

Now, Spectra Systems Corporation is once again revolutionizing the realm of polymer banknotes with the announcement of the world's inaugural polymer banknote substrate integrated into a mass-balanced recycling supply chain, certified by the ISCC PLUS process. Spectra Systems achieved ISCC PLUS certification recently through its security printing subsidiary, Cartor Security Printers, based in the United Kingdom. This certification empowers Spectra Systems to maintain a fully audited mass-balance supply chain, utilizing polymer sourced and produced by their exclusive partner, Toray Plastics America, to deliver print-ready substrates for banknote production.

Spectra Systems' commercially available FUSION™ polymer banknote substrate, under the Certified Circular polymer category, ensures that for every kilogram of polymer employed in the substrate, an equivalent amount of polymer undergoes recycling and repurposing within a sustainable supply chain framework. The adoption of Certified-Circular Polymer, based on advanced plastic recycling, yields several environmental benefits, including:

             Utilization of plastic waste as an alternative to fossil fuels

             Expansion of end-of-life options for plastic waste

             Diversion of significant quantities of plastic waste from landfills or incineration

             Enlargement of the scope of recyclable plastic waste

As a responsible corporate entity committed to fostering a sustainable global environment, Spectra Systems Corporation takes pride in introducing this innovative product to the banknote industry.

Spectra Systems will showcase this newly commercialized substrate and its profound implications for the industry and the environment at the upcoming Banknote 2024 conference in Fort Worth, Texas, scheduled from May 13 to 16.

Spectra Systems is a globally recognized leader in delivering cutting-edge security technology encompassing software and advanced materials utilized in banknotes, product authentication, and gaming.

Spectra offers comprehensive solutions comprising engineered materials for authentication, as well as hardware and software systems designed to verify the distinct signatures of these authentication materials. Through a series of strategic supply and licensing agreements with governmental, institutional, and corporate partners, the company has emerged as a frontrunner in the currency and document authentication markets, establishing itself as one of the foremost suppliers of high-speed currency authentication sensors worldwide. Additionally, Spectra's solutions are instrumental in authenticating and tracking widely recognized consumer branded products such as energy drinks, shampoo, wine, spirits, and tobacco.

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