Sulzer to Supply Technology and Crucial Machinery to India's Bioplastics Pioneer
Sulzer to Supply Technology and Crucial Machinery to India's Bioplastics Pioneer

Sulzer to Supply Technology and Crucial Machinery to India's Bioplastics Pioneer

  • 19-Mar-2024 2:27 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Sulzer Ltd. based in Winterthur, Switzerland, has inked a deal to supply its state-of-the-art polylactic acid (PLA) production technologies to Balrampur Chini Mills Limited (BCML) in support of India's pioneering bioplastics plant. Positioned as the first of its kind in the country, this advanced bioplastics facility is slated to churn out an impressive 75,000 tonnes of compostable and fully recyclable bioplastic annually, leveraging sugarcane as its primary feedstock. Strategically situated adjacent to one of BCML's sugar cane processing facilities, the plant's strategic location will enable BCML to harness the potential of India's primary agricultural crop, making substantial strides towards the nation's sustainability objectives.

The prevalence of single-use plastic waste has emerged as a significant environmental concern globally, prompting many nations to advocate for the adoption of bioplastics, particularly in the realm of packaging materials. Polylactic acid, a biopolymer sourced from renewable feedstocks such as sugarcane, emerges as a sustainable solution, being both bio-based, compostable, and fully recyclable. Sulzer has played a pivotal role in developing and optimizing the requisite technologies essential for the production process of this material, catering to the burgeoning global demand for high-performance, sustainable products in an economically viable manner.

Balrampur Chini Mills Limited, a leading sugar producer in India boasting a crushing capacity of 80,000 tonnes per day across ten plants, boasts a robust sustainability ethos. The company's commitment to sustainability is evidenced by its status as the largest producer of bioethanol for fuel in India, along with its utilization of waste products from sugar mills for power generation. The integration of the new bioplastic manufacturing capability represents the next phase in BCML's journey towards achieving Net Zero status, enhancing the company's efforts to continually enhance its resource efficiency and minimize its environmental footprint.

Sulzer assumes a pivotal role in the realization of the plant, tasked with delivering the manufacturing technologies for key process stages, encompassing lactide synthesis, lactide purification, and polymerization. Sulzer, a prominent global supplier of essential equipment for bioplastics manufacturing, boasts widespread expertise that is evident across the majority of PLA production facilities worldwide. Upon completion of the latest plant, Sulzer's field service experts will provide invaluable support during the commissioning and start-up phases. Such initiatives epitomize Sulzer's steadfast commitment to bolstering essential industries capable of fostering a more prosperous economy and sustainable society.

Beyond fulfilling BCML's sustainability objectives, the new bioplastics plant promises to bolster the sugar producer's diversification efforts, complementing its existing ventures in bioethanol and power generation. While the sugar market remains heavily regulated with export opportunities closely monitored, the burgeoning demand for bioplastics presents a lucrative avenue for margin expansion. The integration of a groundbreaking PLA plant, processing sugarcane to bioplastic in a singular location, is poised to significantly augment BCML's sustainability portfolio, aligning with its corporate aspirations.

Sulzer's track record in delivering the requisite bioplastic production technology underscores confidence in the project's success. By strategically aligning with industrialists, Sulzer aims to facilitate more streamlined project execution, thereby enhancing both economic performance and sustainability outcomes. The construction of India's inaugural fully integrated bioplastics plant underscores the tangible benefits of diversifying revenue streams while contributing positively to mitigating plastic pollutants. Sulzer eagerly anticipates collaborating with BCML and other forward-thinking clients, as efforts persist in advancing energy efficiency, raw material utilization, and yield optimization.

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