Superabsorbent Polymer Market Adapts to November Challenges With Declining Trends
Superabsorbent Polymer Market Adapts to November Challenges With Declining Trends

Superabsorbent Polymer Market Adapts to November Challenges With Declining Trends

  • 24-Nov-2023 5:47 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

CFR USGC: The US Superabsorbent Polymer market witnessed a sharp decline in the first half of November amid weak downstream demand and cautious procurement by enterprises. The trend is expected to persist in November with ample inventories and hesitant buyer sentiment. The continuous influx of cheaper inventories from China influences price adjustments. Similarly, the Chinese Superabsorbent Polymer market experienced a notable decline driven by sufficient inventories and low consumption. ChemAnalyst anticipates a continued decrease in prices. Softness in energy prices and feedstock acrylic acid contributes to the overall downward trend, prompting cautious buyer behavior and discount-driven seller strategies.

In the US Superabsorbent Polymer market, a sharp decline in pricing trends has been observed in the past month. Downstream enterprise demand continued to remain weak, with companies asserting they had accumulated sufficient material to meet future needs. This contributed to muted trading activities during the entire month, reflecting a cautious wait-and-watch sentiment prevalent in the market. Further, according to ChemAnalyst insights, Superabsorbent Polymer prices may further showcase an overall declining trend influenced by ample inventories and a cautious market sentiment where buyers were recanting from placing substantial orders. Further, the continuous influx of cheaper fresh inventories from the Chinese market forced sellers to adjust prices towards the lower end to spur market activity. Despite reduced spot price offers, demand from downstream Superabsorbent Polymer sectors, such as disposable diapers and adult incontinence pads, remained lackluster. Downstream manufacturers faced challenges amid diminishing demand, resulting in a reduced consumption rate of Superabsorbent Polymers within these industries.

Similarly, the Chinese Superabsorbent Polymer also continued to witness a notable decline in its market value. The combination of sufficient inventories and moderate to low consumption of Superabsorbent Polymers from downstream industries like disposable diaper-producing industries with diminished demand from the packaging sectors contributed to this downward trend. Due to the absence of notable changes in the factors affecting final prices, the prices of Superabsorbent Polymers in the Chinese market may continue to decrease in line with the current market dynamics and conditions observed by ChemAnalyst. Furthermore, softness in the energy prices and major feedstock acrylic acid continue to showcase decrement in its market value, further lowering the overall production cost of the product. In the prevailing market scenario, a notable presence of elevated inventories has come into view, prompting enterprises to adopt a strategy of vigilant observation. This cautious stance among buyers has resulted in their hesitance in placing orders of significant volume. This circumspect stance contributes to an environment of subdued trading dynamics, causing sellers to offer enticements in the form of discounts to encourage buyer engagement.

ChemAnalyst forecasts a continuing downward trend of Superabsorbent Polymer, and Market participants are advised to navigate the cautious market dynamics. Buyers refrain from substantial orders, and sellers adjust prices to stimulate activity through discounts.

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