Supply Crunch Results in Strong Cost Support of Natural Gas In USA
Supply Crunch Results in Strong Cost Support of Natural Gas In USA

Supply Crunch Results in Strong Cost Support of Natural Gas In USA

  • 06-Jun-2022 4:47 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

Houston, USA- This week, Natural Gas and coal prices hit a record high level with healthy demand from its downstream derivatives market. According to our research, the rise in demand for power generation, particularly in India and China, and supply constraints are attributed to such price trends.

However, Henry Hub's spot prices fell from USD 9.30 per MMBtu to USD 8.42 per MMBtu, but the prices are still on the higher end. Futures and benchmark prices were quiet on June 3rd, but the July NYMEX futures settled 3.8 percent higher than the previous week.

"Supply and demand adjustments are as yet tighter, and the atmospheric conditions look to move substantially hotter around the middle of the month, which can sway the Natural Gas market." Our sources in Houston affirmed it.

Methanex, a major supplier, and distributor of Methanol worldwide, had revised its contract prices for European and Asian markets for June.

Coal and Natural gas costs are yet susceptible to weather conditions-related factors in the short run. Environmental change and changing weather conditions will affect these commodities' interest by expanding energy utilization for cooling and warming because of sensational temperature fluctuations.

Other commodities are also affected by the accelerating prices of Natural gas and coal. Bullish energy values and Naphtha prices influenced the production of various metals and fertilizers.

Meanwhile, the volume of LNG from the United States to Europe has declined in the past week, storage supplies are below average, and low inventories have affected the price trend.

According to ChemAnalyst, the prices of Natural Gas are expected to remain on the upper end due to the supply crunch and strong demand in the downstream market. Methanol prices will likely remain stagnant for the upcoming weeks in the USA and Germany. Surging production costs and limited availability of products in the US domestic market will remain the topic of discussion as surging production costs and limited availability in the domestic market will affect the trading environment.

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