Supply-Induced Scarcity Drives German Losartan Potassium API  Prices to Surge
Supply-Induced Scarcity Drives German Losartan Potassium API  Prices to Surge

Supply-Induced Scarcity Drives German Losartan Potassium API Prices to Surge

  • 08-Sep-2022 5:54 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

Losartan Potassium API prices which have been falling throughout August, are finally approaching increment in the German market entering September. Before this, the price of Losartan Potassium API plummeted by 2% due to sluggish demand from downstream industries, and the market was in a low degree of consolidation. Recently, the change in the trend of Losartan Potassium API prices has been seen.

The end-user pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries continue to have challenges with demand, and the purchasers mostly buy on necessity. Still, the fundamentals of supply have been altering, resulting in an upsurge in the Losartan Potassium API market. The current inventory levels were running lower, backed by a disrupted supply chain amidst the dull procurement from the downstream industries contradicting the supply scenario against the active inquiries in the domestic market. German buyers started trading due to the recent surge in order, and the insufficient supply of the product in the German domestic market increased the value of Losartan Potassium API.

The continued economic problems on a worldwide scale and the geopolitical tensions between the leading economies had a significant effect on the European markets. The continuous labor deficit in Germany is also causing a substantial scarcity of vehicles and drivers. The delayed hours and yard occupancy has grown due to the queue of cargoes waiting to be loaded and discharged. In addition, the price of some APIs has increased due to the weakening of the Euro versus the USD. The Losartan Potassium API prices have strengthened considering all these factors.

According to ChemAnalyst, "the Losartan Potassium API price trend is expected to trace upward momentum in the coming month with improved demand fundamentals from various downstream pharmaceutical industries. Also, a supply shortage in the German market would significantly increase the Losartan Potassium API prices.

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