Surge in Downstream Demand Raises the Price of Polypropylene Filament Yarn (PPFY) in India
Surge in Downstream Demand Raises the Price of Polypropylene Filament Yarn (PPFY) in India

Surge in Downstream Demand Raises the Price of Polypropylene Filament Yarn (PPFY) in India

  • 24-May-2023 12:43 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

Indian buying interest for Polypropylene Filament Yarn (PPFY) has risen during the month of April 2023 amid dwindling domestic inventories and improving demand from downstream industries. The price escalation has caused concern among textile manufacturers and consumers across the country.

The surge in raw material costs, especially the price of Propylene, a key component in Polypropylene production, has played a crucial role in the overall price hike during April. Global shortages and increased demand for Propylene have led to a substantial rise in its market value, ultimately impacting the cost of producing PPFY.

Textile manufacturers, who heavily rely on PPFY, are now grappling with the repercussions of this price surge. The increased cost of raw materials directly translates into higher production costs, squeezing profit margins and making it increasingly challenging for industry players to remain competitive.

Additionally, the textile industry has experienced a substantial uptick in demand for PPFY. Manufacturers of apparel, home furnishings, and industrial textiles have recognized its superior moisture-wicking properties and abrasion resistance, making it a preferred material for activewear, upholstery, and carpeting. In the meantime, the Indian government is also taking initiatives to promote the production of PPFY.

Market participants suggest that the price surge for PPFY will likely persist in the foreseeable future as manufacturers scramble to meet the escalating demand. Companies operating in this sector are also trying to expand production capacities and optimize supply chains to alleviate the pressure on availability and stabilize prices. The impact of the price hike on downstream industries remains a concern. End-users may face higher production costs, potentially resulting in consumer price adjustments.

Conclusively, ChemAnalyst Forecasted that "The price for PPFY is anticipated to follow the same trend as the previous month, with prices mainly on an upward movement. However, there may be some disruption in the supply of feedstock Polypropylene, so extra attention is to be paid to the Feedstock market."

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