Surge in Sodium Benzoate Prices Driven by Increased Demand and High Feed Price
Surge in Sodium Benzoate Prices Driven by Increased Demand and High Feed Price

Surge in Sodium Benzoate Prices Driven by Increased Demand and High Feed Price

  • 17-Nov-2023 3:55 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

In a surprising turn of events, Sodium Benzoate prices have witnessed a substantial surge in the first half of November, with expectations of further escalation in the second half. This price hike is primarily attributed to a surge in demand from downstream industries, including cosmetics, health care, and pharmaceuticals, along with its prevalent use in industrial applications. Additionally, the increase in raw material prices, specifically Benzoic acid, is contributing to the upward trajectory of Sodium Benzoate prices globally.

The downstream industries, particularly cosmetics and health care, have experienced a surge in demand for sodium benzoate, a widely used preservative in their formulations. With the ongoing global emphasis on health and wellness, there has been an increased preference for products with extended shelf life and enhanced safety. Sodium benzoate, known for its preservative properties, has become a crucial ingredient in the production of various cosmetics and health care products, leading to a spike in its demand.

Furthermore, sodium benzoate finds applications in various industrial processes, contributing to its increased demand. Its role as a corrosion inhibitor and its use in the production of certain chemicals have led to a surge in demand from the industrial sector. This multifaceted demand has created a scenario where suppliers are struggling to keep up with the pace, leading to a natural surge in prices.

One critical factor exacerbating the rise in sodium benzoate prices is the increase in the prices of its raw material, Benzoic acid, across the globe. Benzoic acid serves as a precursor in the synthesis of sodium benzoate, and any fluctuation in its prices directly impacts the final product. The global increase in the prices of Benzoic acid has created cost pressures for sodium benzoate manufacturers, forcing them to pass on the additional costs to consumers.

In addition to industry-specific factors, global economic dynamics are also playing a pivotal role in the surge of sodium benzoate prices. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has intensified geopolitical tensions, impacting crude oil prices. The uncertainty surrounding the conflict has raised concerns about oil supply disruptions, leading to a nearly 6% surge in international crude oil futures. This surge in crude oil prices has a cascading effect on various industries, including those dependent on sodium benzoate.

In conclusion, the surge in sodium benzoate prices in the first half of November is a result of increased demand from the downstream cosmetics, health care, and pharmaceutical industries, coupled with industrial applications. The rise in the prices of its raw material, Benzoic acid, and the fluctuating crude oil prices due to geopolitical tensions are additional contributing factors. As global economic factors continue to evolve, industry stakeholders are closely monitoring the situation, and consumers may need to brace themselves for the possibility of further increases in sodium benzoate prices in the second half of November.


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