T Mariotti Introduces Innovative Cruise Ship with Methanol Dual-Fuel Technology
T Mariotti Introduces Innovative Cruise Ship with Methanol Dual-Fuel Technology

T Mariotti Introduces Innovative Cruise Ship with Methanol Dual-Fuel Technology

  • 07-Mar-2024 5:48 PM
  • Journalist: Rene Swann

T Mariotti has secured a groundbreaking contract with Aman Group and Cruise Saudi for Aman at Sea, a cruise ship that sets the stage for several industry firsts. Not only is it the inaugural cruise ship for Aman Group, a renowned entity with 35 hotels, resorts, and branded residences across 20 destinations, but it also marks the world's first convergence of an ultra-luxury ship with the intimacy of a private yacht.

Described by T Mariotti CEO Marco Ghiglione as a pioneering concept, Aman at Sea boasts dimensions comparable to other top cruise vessels built by T Mariotti, measuring 183 meters. However, its distinctive feature lies in its exclusive capacity to accommodate just 100 passengers in 50 suites. This signifies a departure from the conventional cruise model, emphasizing a higher ratio between guests and crew members, larger suites, and elevated decks compared to vessels of similar size.

Aman at Sea stands out as the first cruise ship to be powered by methanol, incorporating a diesel-electric-methanol dual-fuel system. This innovative approach aligns with evolving environmental standards and introduces a hybrid mode utilizing batteries. The ship will operate using both methanol and marine diesel oil, presenting a unique challenge due to the absence of standardized bunkering criteria for methanol in Italy. T Mariotti is collaborating with Lloyd's Register to address safety and fuel-related aspects during the construction process.

The success of Aman at Sea relies on collaboration with industry leaders. Wärtsilä will provide dual-fuel 32 engines, while electrotechnical specialists Ortec Santamaria and luxury yacht outfitters De Wave Group contribute their expertise to bring the ship to life. Designers SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design, known for their work in the yacht business, play a crucial role in shaping the ship's unique aesthetic and functionality.

T Mariotti distinguishes itself through flexibility, allowing the realization of bespoke projects like Aman at Sea. Marco Ghiglione emphasizes the yard's adaptability, which smaller yards can provide, catering to the specific vision Aman Group envisioned for their cruise ship. T Mariotti's emphasis on delivering prototypes aligns with its track record, having previously introduced the first-in-class Seabourn Venture in 2022 and Seabourn Pursuit in the following year.

Aman at Sea represents a paradigm shift in the cruise industry, merging ultra-luxury with the personalized experience of a private yacht. T Mariotti's innovative approach, environmental consciousness with a methanol dual-fuel system, and collaboration with industry leaders underscore its commitment to setting new standards in luxury cruising. As Aman at Sea prepares to redefine the cruise experience, T Mariotti's emphasis on flexibility and prototype delivery positions it as a dynamic force in the evolving landscape of maritime innovation.

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