Technip Energies and Mitsubishi to License Enhanced OXO Alcohol Technology 'OXO M-Process
Technip Energies and Mitsubishi to License Enhanced OXO Alcohol Technology 'OXO M-Process

Technip Energies and Mitsubishi to License Enhanced OXO Alcohol Technology 'OXO M-Process

  • 12-Jun-2024 12:52 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

Technip Energies (PARIS:TE) and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Mitsubishi Chemical), a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, have revealed their licensing agreement for an enhanced OXO alcohol technology, designated as the 'OXO M-Process'.

OXO alcohols serve as solvents in chemical production. The enhanced OXO-M technology diminishes both capital and operational costs associated with separation and purification. It achieves this by reducing the production of isobutyraldehyde, a key component in manufacturing processes for plasticizers, resins, and solvents, thereby eliminating the necessity to handle it as a by-product.

Technip Energies and Mitsubishi Chemical collaborated on additional advancements to Mitsubishi Chemical's ‘OXO M-Process’ technology, which included the development of an OXO catalyst management system. This technology demonstrates high selectivity in producing n-butanol, a crucial ingredient in paints and coatings, as well as 2-ethylhexanol, which enhances the flexibility of plastic products.

Bhaskar Patel, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals & Circularity at Technip Energies, commented, “The increasing demand for OXO alcohol to meet market requirements in solvents and plasticizers is evident. Our technology and research facilities in Boston, working closely with the Mitsubishi Chemical team, were instrumental in developing the catalyst management system. Technip Energies is proud to partner with Mitsubishi Chemical on the OXO M-Process technology and to introduce it to the market.”

Masaru Utsunomiya, Director of the RD&IP Division in the Basic Materials & Polymers Business Group at Mitsubishi Chemical, remarked, “Mitsubishi Chemical is actively advancing the licensing of petrochemical product technologies. This collaboration with Technip Energies significantly enhances our licensing business, particularly for the C3 derivatives chain, including DTP (Methanol to Propylene), Acrylic Acid, and OXO Alcohol technology. Our licensing business at Mitsubishi Chemical is expanding, concurrently contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Technip Energies is a prominent Engineering & Technology firm driving the energy transition, holding top positions in LNG, hydrogen, and ethylene, while expanding in blue and green hydrogen, sustainable chemistry, and CO2 management. The company leverages a robust project delivery framework and an extensive portfolio of technologies, products, and services. With operations spanning 34 countries, its 15,000 employees are dedicated to realizing clients’ innovative projects, pushing boundaries to hasten the energy transition for a brighter future.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation (TSE: 4188) is a specialist materials provider dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions for achieving KAITEKI, which embodies the well-being of both people and the planet. Leveraging profound expertise and leadership in material science, the company serves key market segments including mobility, digital, medical, and food. Through these efforts, Mitsubishi facilitates industry transformation, technological advancements, and enhanced quality of life for everyone. With approximately 70,000 employees worldwide, the company delivers advanced chemistry-based solutions in alignment with our motto—"Science.

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