The European Union is considering a ban on the import of Russian SR Products
The European Union is considering a ban on the import of Russian SR Products

The European Union is considering a ban on the import of Russian SR Products

  • 16-Feb-2023 5:10 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

OSWIECIM, Poland [Europe]: As the anniversary of Russia's unexpected invasion of Ukraine approaches, discussions surrounding synthetic Rubber trade have become a priority.

In a move that is sure to cause major concern, the European Union is announcing a new round of sanctions on Russia in commemoration of the start of the war one year ago. Poland has been pushing for an import ban on Russian synthetic Rubber to be among these sanctions.

There have been claims that Synthos S.A., based in Oswiecim, was using the proposed ban on imported synthetic Rubber to increase its own business prospects with European tire manufacturers. Reports suggest that the company also timed the restart of Butadiene Rubber production at its Schkopau, Germany factory shortly after the sanctions could take effect in March.

Synthos, a representative of the Rubber industry in Poland, confirmed that authorities in the country have requested a ban on imports of Russian synthetic Rubber. The company admitted that it had lobbied for the sanctions but denied that their upcoming recommissioning of a facility in Germany has anything to do with the potential ban.

Poland has been a firm ally to its neighbor Ukraine since the start of the conflict. As an adjacent nation, unwavering support for Ukraine throughout the war.

"Synthos has never been ambivalent about its support for Ukraine. However, we understand that our position can only be understood by those who see the effects of the Russian invasion on a daily basis," Synthos stated in a statement.

"Therefore, it is important for Synthos and all our employees to reiterate that Synthos will continue its unwavering support to Ukraine as long as many of our colleagues and local suppliers are still hosting Ukrainian refugees (often family members) and the people of Ukraine are facing Russian aggression."

Synthos has denied any correlation between the recommissioning of its BR facility and a potential ban on Russian SR imports. The company announced that the capacity of their plant to produce 30,000 metric tons of Nickel BR annually will remain unchanged.

"As far as we know, the Butadiene Rubber produced in Russia is NdBR, TiBR and LiBR. A presumed link between the restart of our NiBR plant and our support for Ukraine is therefore not appropriate in our view," Synthos stated.

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